In Defence of the “Male Gaze.” An argument in Favour of Sexual Objectification.

A great object can be a great subject too. Scarlett Johansson Source: The Daily Mail The argument in favour of sexual objectification is the very same in favour of homosexuality, it doesn’t need anyone’s endorsement in order to exist and it will not disappear because of anyone’s disapproval. It can only be hidden, the way some Islamic society do by turning women into walking anthropomorphic tents. To end it therefore would mean to end sexual … Continue reading

Some thoughts on ‘communities’

I am starting to hate the word ‘community’ as much as the word ‘consensus’ for two reasons. First it disregards whether something is actually right or wrong when appeals are being made to what the community ‘thinks’ about a certain subject usually determined by asking self-appointed and screened community ‘leaders’ and secondly because it simultaneously creates a false sense of bond and division between people tribalising them into groups (i.e. the Muslim community, the Black … Continue reading

Just a Meme

Most political cartoons in newspapers are left-wing and most and most memes on the internet, at any rate political memes are right-wing. Right-wing Memes The cartoons seem more likely to come off as propaganda because they are caricatures trying to distort reality and they are not funny. They are unconvincing for the very same reason that American caricatures of the Japanese and Nazi caricatures of the Jews are unconvincing. They try to create an augmented … Continue reading

On Holocaust Deniers, Lolita Hentai and Censorship

I think that those who advocate for censorship ought to be given a taste of their own medicine and be censored into oblivion until they squirm and beg for freedom of speech. I am afraid unless this is done they will never be able to grasp such a simple point. What I like to point out to those moral busybodies is there are those find their tripe as harmful as they think that pictures in … Continue reading

Reputation is Stereotype

Humans are pattern seeking animals. Stereotypes are common patterns found in a group of people, a sort of group reputation. It is irrelevant whether it is justifiable to superimpose a groups identity/reputation onto an individual as this will happen anyway, what can be done however is to gerrymander a group’s reputation through propaganda, by making caricatures of groups in the media, for example portraying the Jews as evil manipulators, and women with achievements in five … Continue reading

Beauty is (not) in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if the beholders have come to a consensus? ‘The cruelty of selection is what makes beauty, beauty.’/ ‘Beauty is beauty due to the cruelty of selection.’ – Masami Tsuda, Kare Kano In practice it hardly matters whether the standard of beauty is objective or subjective so long as there is a consensus. And there is always a subjective consensus, the problem is that you can’t … Continue reading

A Personal View of Masculinity

I would say that a fairly conventional list of the minimum requirements to be a man presented to boys would consist of the following: Financial Independence Strength and Courage Wit and Humour Intelligence (Wit and humour serve to show some degree of intelligence) A Competitive Edge. An ‘I will be the best at this thing’ attitude. Masculinity is flexible, as long as the basic criteria are fulfilled a man can be good or he may … Continue reading

A Personal View of Femininity

“If the truth is a cruel mistress then a lie must be a nice girl. And so kindness itself is a lie.” – Wataru Watari, Oregairu “And yet who can fail to feel a sort of pleasure in seeing that fraud, feminine delicacy, exploded for once?” – George Orwell, Politics vs. Literature – An examination of Gulliver’s travels The character traits most closely associated with femininity are kindness and empathy although the latter does not … Continue reading

An Apologia for Human Life. (Should you bring a child into this world full of suffering?)

An Apologia for Human Life. (Should you bring a child into this world full of suffering?) I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply … Continue reading

What is the purpose of fiction?

“All art is propaganda… however not all propaganda is art”- George Orwell The first purpose of fiction is to entertain. I am very suspicious of fiction made to advance some cause or ideology because it is clear and transparent propaganda that is palatable only if the views being spewed are those of the viewer, and it is often quite boring too. But does fiction have any value beyond mere entertainment and escapism? Should fiction meet … Continue reading

The Value of Intelligence

Intelligence is overrated this is why nonsensical terms such as ‘Emotional Intelligence/IQ’ have been injected into the English language when perfectly fine terms such ‘empathy’ and ‘social skills’ are available. Everybody needs to be intelligent because intelligence is clearly identified as a certificate for status but if everybody is intelligent in their own way then term ‘intelligence’ ceases to bear any meaning whatsoever or it would if people actually believed in ‘everybody is intelligent’ piffle … Continue reading

On the subject of Moral Faggotery (or Virtue-Signalling)

Most political discourse to-day is escapism, it serves no other purpose than to provide satisfaction in the form of opportunity for people to revel in their own self-righteousness. And so Journalism is misery-porn and frothing at the mouth in righteous indignation. At some point, the attrition becomes its own purpose and ideologically opposed groups begin to define each other’s orthodoxies. If group A believes in X then group B will believe in Y and if … Continue reading

‘It’s just a meme’ – Post-modern Reactionaries – The Alt-Right

If there is no such thing as progress then there is no such thing as reaction either and so the ONLY difference between progress and reaction is that they are opposed to each other. If all that matters is the relative power between groups then naturally universal principles such as freedom of speech or common decency do not matter. In their post-modernist world-view there is simply no reason, for example, not to advocate for the … Continue reading