Story Premise of Visual Novel

Protagonist-kun kills himself because he is a 40 year old NEET and Mephistopheles, a hot demoness claims his soul and gives him another chance “for those betrayed by history”, “the losers of history” in another dimension called Status;Zer0. Protagonist-kun is forced to entertain the devil and other demons in hell by being part of a podcast called Terminal Dogma. All podcast member in Terminal Dogma killed themselves too except the host of Terminal Dogma, Mephistopheles … Continue reading

Open-Software For a Open-Source Visual Novel

The software I am planning to use to make Terminal Dogma, an open-source visual novel is the following: Vim: As the text editor to write the script and code the game. Renpy: As the Visual Novel Engine. Python is slow but I couldn’t find a C based Visual Novel Engine with proper documentation. I wish it was written in C but at least it is open source with a healthy English speaking community for the … Continue reading