Shinobigami Replay Review

What is Shinobigami? Shinobigami is a table-top role-playing game from Japan. One of the few that has been translated from Japanese to English. It is set in modern Japan but there are ninjas with supernatural powers working in the shadows of ordinary society. An urban fantasy setting with ninjas. The Shinobigami RPG book is divided into two sections. The first half is a replay you can read in a couple of hours to get an … Continue reading

Can Fiction Be Anti-Escapist?

Fiction which seeks to be anti-escapist is hypocritical because fiction is inherently escapist. It doesn’t really matter that it is hypocritical if it serves its purpose of the directing the viewer to take action rather than remaining a passive observer. There are two ways a work of fiction can be anti-escapist. First by inspiring hope in reality or fear of losing out on life by indulging in escapism. Secondly by requiring the viewer to participate … Continue reading

MUDs are the closest thing to Table-Talk RPGs

There are hundreds of MUDs but only a few dozen have concurrent players online in the hundreds. Some of them have web clients you can play in your web browser too like the one I was playing called Genesis LPmud which you can play in your browser without installing anything. I recommend Genesis LPMud because it has an ascii art map, a tutorial island and because it is non-profit with no microtransactions and is not … Continue reading