The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton Book Review

This is a very thin book, it’s only a 256 pages and yet it attempts to cover the works and the lives of major philosophers from Socrates, Lucretius, Seneca Shopenhaur etc… often coming out as a string of wikipedia articles with little connection to each other. Almost everypage is full of an exerpt from the philosopher in question and one section is just short biography with key dates in the philosophers life. The book is … Continue reading

Solo RPG #3: A Dwarf Thief

Dwarf Character Sheet: Name: Dazai Age: 74 yrs (rolled 2d10 for 74) Rolled 3d6 for abilities. STR: 11 INT: 14 +1 WIS: 13 +1 DEX: 13 +1 CON: 9 CHA: 12 (I had to take off 3 points from CHA to CON because Dwarves need a minimum of 9 CON). Background: Dazai is the second child of Osamu, the travelling merchant. His brother was killed by his wife so that Dazai would inherit his father’s … Continue reading

Solo RPG #2: Lyndis

There were many bits of paper nailed on the notice board. Requests to kill monsters by farmers and to rescue kidnapped family members and so on. Nothing special. I was looking for something easy and quick when a quest for three random adventurers  caught my attention. All the notes were written in the same neat feminine handwriting so I guessed the same person wrote them all. The task was to clear an orc lair that … Continue reading

Solo RPG #1: First Combat

I set up camp by the river under the moonlight but no sooner had I laid down I heard some rustling in the trees and the sound of heavy footsteps. I quickly grabbed my sword and prepared for combat. A hulking, grotesque, red-eyed humanoid creature soon appeared from the woods in front of me. It did not look surprised and it immediately punched me taking away 2HP. I immediately retaliated and took out 3HP with … Continue reading

My First Table-Top RPG Character Sheets

The following Character Sheets have been created with the free and open source Basic Fantasy RPG core book. The names for the characters were generated by Fantasy Name Generators. The character portraits were generated by This Waifu Does Not Exist. Alhwald Tillyworth’s Character Sheet STR 11 INT 14 +1 WIS 11 DEX 7 -1 CON 10 CHA 11 ATK(Attack Bonus) +1 if melee and -1 if missile weapon AC (Armour Class) 15 HP 10 Race: … Continue reading