Plan of Action

Short-term plans:

  1. ┬áPost all of my old good YouTube comments over here before Google’s hard at work censors delete them all. I have lost so many comments I put a lot of effort into and the evil thing is that they won’t even tell me that they are deleting them. No instead they show me fake message that my message has been posted but when I reload the page my comment and all the work I put into it is gone. Rather than dumping them all here in one go I will post them here little by little giving me time to reflect on each of them I guess.
  2. Restart the Aoi Hinami Cruel Task-Master Simulator project.
  3. Post my Genesis LPMud videos on Bitchute, LBRY and Luke’s peertube.
  4. Create a weekly backup of my WordPress blog locally and on gitgud.
  5. Post code for VN on gitgud.
  6. Start Makise Kurisu Cute-Assistant Simulator.

Long-term plans:

  1. Open source vocaloid style voice synthesisizer for the VN’s voice acting.
  2. An open source anime-style VRMMORPG based on True World Online.
  3. Create artwork for my Genesis LPMud let’s plays. Portraits of interesting artifacts, important characters, and pivotal events. Anything that will have a big effect on the narrative should get some art. Video is made for visuals, so I should go heavy on the original art. To motivate myself to be bothered maybe I should draw anime-style art.