Software I Use

Linux Mint MATE: An Open Source Operating System easy to use for people used to windows. If Renpy: Visual Novel Engine. TinTin++: Multi User Dungeon Client. Krita: Drawing Program. Gimp: Image Editor. Mutt:Command Line Email Client. Pale Moon: A Web Browser that was forked from firefox eons ago. Ublock Origin For Firefox Legacy: Content Blocker I mostly use as an adblocker. Kissanime anti-adblock filter list: Blocks anti-blocker on kissanime. I Don’t Care About Cookies: Removes … Continue reading

Is there a good open source jrpg?

I can’t into RTS so 0ad is not an option. Tried Wesnoth but it too involves just too many PCs. I would like Wesnoth if it was more like a JRPG where you lead a small group of adventurers each with a background story rather than a whole lot of soldiers. As for Tux Kart, I have the reflexes of a retarded hamster so it never was an option. Is there something more like a … Continue reading

Open-Software For a Open-Source Visual Novel

The software I am planning to use to make Terminal Dogma, an open-source visual novel is the following: Vim: As the text editor to write the script and code the game. Renpy: As the Visual Novel Engine. Python is slow but I couldn’t find a C based Visual Novel Engine with proper documentation. I wish it was written in C but at least it is open source with a healthy English speaking community for the … Continue reading