Creating Characters by Breaking My Otaku Personality Apart

I have been trying and failing to create new characters for the True World Online VN,WN, MUD project that I am working on but I am stuck with word-building without characters and so without any real conflict. It’s like I am trying to imagine the Otaku utopia where technology has everyone happy but then there is nothing left to work towards so I can’t reverse engineer some characters from the setting that easily. This approach will hopefully also help me write a protagonist who is not basically me in every way. Basically I need a list of one-note characters to get things going. I still have no clue about what the conflict should be but one thing at a time.

The first sub-personality I can think of is that of the incel, libertine,  sexless perverted pornography addict and comfort seeker.


Self-loathing Ceylonese Anglophile with Scottish and Ceylonese landed gentry ancestry and a family with some background in the air force.

Japanophile anime fan who wants to watch every anime under the sun and know more about it just hoping that some of the magic, adventure and romanticism would rub off on him.

Objectivist rational egoist Libertarian, Conservative politics and economics obsessive pundit with some German idealism

MGTOW anti-feminist

Fake normalfag wannabe

Ex-Catholic atheist partial sometimes to Christian ethics.

Fourthly the minimalist software and computer configuring addict. Open source fanatic.

Chapter 1: It was a bright cold day in april

It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen in True World Online the most popular virtual reality game in the Intergalactic British Empire in the year of our Lord 2776. Isao Burton lived in Sendai, on the Island of Japan which had been incorporated into the IBE in 1666, not that Isao or most around him cared about any of this. 

True World Online, by far the most popular Virtual Reality Lars Pensjö Multi User Dungeon or VRLPMud for short opened its gates to users all the way back in 1989 AD in Sweden and had nearly died until it was updated in the mid 2500s by the Second Chalmers Datorförening, a small team  of Otaku in the Royal Borough of Texas to be a fully immersive virtual reality game. TWO could still be played via telnet by typing commands into a terminal emulator and a few determined old fashioned players played it this way.

TWO was divided into three domains – Akiba in the middle flanked by the Third Triumvirate of Luk across the river Serchio and on the East the Gothenburgh mountain range across which the Deep Lore Unpopular Academy

The Virtual General Headquarters, vGHQ  of the RBT(Royal Borough of Texas)-based World of Forms Ltd were in Akiba, at the Radio Kaikan building. The building was much larger than it looked from the outside.

A smiling picture of the Eternal God-Queen  Mecha-Elizabeth ver. II.LXXXV.MMMMCLXXXIII.CXXI (Official Build) (128-bit) hanged in the wall of Isao’s Virtual bedroom.