MUDs are the closest thing to Table-Talk RPGs

There are hundreds of MUDs but only a few dozen have concurrent players online in the hundreds. Some of them have web clients you can play in your web browser too like the one I was playing called Genesis LPmud which you can play in your browser without installing anything. I recommend Genesis LPMud because it has an ascii art map, a tutorial island and because it is non-profit with no microtransactions and is not … Continue reading

RPI MUDs are where dramas at

The RPI (roleplay intesive) MUDs are still overflowing with drama and toxicity though. The wizzies on RPI’s have a more hands on approach so this leads to endless drama by players who don’t think they have been treated fairly or about players who the MUD’s owners have a preference over others. Many of the threads which have got the most comments on r/mud are about this sort of drama. I am just an hack and … Continue reading