About me: Warts and all

I am a borderline NEET, forever immigrant (I literally do not have an homeland or country I consider my own), certified (I don’t want to be Japanese but I am into anime). I don’t know for how long I will be able to keep updating my website. I have started and abandoned literally hundreds of projects related to anime by now. I am saying this hoping in vain that I will have to eat my … Continue reading

Berserk (Manga): The Edge is Real

I tried watching the 1997 Berserk anime but it looked too much like a flash animation. The artwork was beautiful but as with Princes Tutu there were too many still shots and panning over still backgrounds. The first episode looked like some powerpoint slideshow. Given the eye tumour inducing 3d animation of the 2016 anime adaptation I have decided to read the fucking mango. I have reached chapter 44 and I am not sure whether … Continue reading

Boku Girl Manga: Tomboy’s Are Better than Onesans

Rating: 7/10. The trickster loli goddess Loki finds a new plaything in a girly-looking high school boy trying to act manly. This is just a gender-bender ecchi romcom which will leave you ogling at the sexy guy turned into a girl if you are a red blooded man. The side-characters and the love interest are not interesting. They are just an excuse to indulge in the cuteness of the protagonist’s innocent unintentional girlishness as she … Continue reading