Pros and Cons of Learning Japanese

The main reason to learn Japanese is to remove the filter of localisation from anime, manga and most of all light novels given that they are more text than pictures. Travel to Japan never appealed to me because I don’t like tourism. Perhaps if I had some friends to go to Japan with it would be another story, but just to around and look at stuff is boring to me. I can get anime and … Continue reading

Incels and Birthrates

@MrAJEO  As for Japan as long as they keep foreigners out there will come a point when people will have to have children to look after them when they are old. That point has not being reached yet. When the huge ever-expanding pension system in Japan collapses things will change. As for the west as long as cheap foreign labourers can be imported to look after old people then people will not be incentiviced to … Continue reading

Why Beauty Paegants Should Be Just About Beauty

@ルリ  No, the result is that it won’t be clear whether the winners won just because of their looks or because of their contributions to society. If there is a contestant who contributed more but is ugly and another contestant who contributed less but is much more good looking then which one of the two should win? Also public shows of virtue encourage pretenders to gain more influence. It’s like how people lie about caring … Continue reading