Nietzche Contra Rand

@Daniel Menefrego  what I meant to say is that if I could convince myself that Greek myths and deities were real that would make me more heroic but it doesn’t matter whether ancient Greek deities were real or not only whether I believed in them. Similarly if I believed in Christ that would make me a more decent man though not necessarily more heroic like the Greek deities. On a side-note Ayn Rand’s romance novels … Continue reading

Christianity is European

Christianity is at least as hellenistic and pagan as it is Jewish. Even Nietzche called Christianity Platonism for the masses even though I am not sure he meant that as a compliment. Varg-tier thinkers on will then critisize Christianity as hellenistic/latin statist domestication of Germanic tribes and then fall back to calling Christianity “muh slave jewish morarallity” and then ridicule all the romance language speaking flag posters as west african jewish mexicans who had … Continue reading