On Holocaust Deniers, Lolita Hentai and Censorship

I think that those who advocate for censorship ought to be given a taste of their own medicine and be censored into oblivion until they squirm and beg for freedom of speech. I am afraid unless this is done they will never be able to grasp such a simple point. What I like to point out to those moral busybodies is there are those find their tripe as harmful as they think that pictures in … Continue reading

Who is Exploited by Pornography? Not Women.

Okay maybe some women are but if I had said “Young Men” then I would have been laughed at and ignored. If I can get a hearing a from an hostile audience then I will take that over not being heard at all. I know I will not be listened to but if I sufficiently anger someone then when he is calmer he try to come up with a bad retort and if the memory … Continue reading

Decentralised Parallel Institutions

Right-wingers who thought Trump would win should reflect on whether it was wise to put their faith in the Proles and the Elite who have failed them totally except once barely in 2016. Excuses about demographic changes are pointless, the truth remains that the Proles simply allowed this change to happen because they listened to the Academy. Above all else the right must stop focusing on the circus that is the Inner Party’s power struggle … Continue reading

Nominate ThatAnimeSnob as a Crunchyroll Awards Judge

Anime is becoming more and more boring as it gets more mainstream. To save anime we need people with taste to be the leaders of our community. There is no point in saying that we don’t want their to be leaders and followers because a natural aristocracy or hierarchy will always form by itself in any community of more than one. Even Robinson Crusoe had a slave – and though he would not be called … Continue reading

Why the Left Hates Hentai

The Australian government has banned the import of hentai from Japan – probably for the same sub-human low-iq herd’s cry of ‘think about the chilens’ and the primal animalistic desire to lord it over others of the state probably also helped to persuade the politicians behind this bill to drink from the poisoned chalise of censorship. I will not even try to debunk the reasoning which is beneath human reason which went into enacting this … Continue reading