Christianity is European

Christianity is at least as hellenistic and pagan as it is Jewish. Even Nietzche called Christianity Platonism for the masses even though I am not sure he meant that as a compliment. Varg-tier thinkers on will then critisize Christianity as hellenistic/latin statist domestication of Germanic tribes and then fall back to calling Christianity “muh slave jewish morarallity” and then ridicule all the romance language speaking flag posters as west african jewish mexicans who had … Continue reading

4Chan Used to be Better

@Brobotnick  Anything for the lulz. The reason for captcha is because anons would write bots to cover whole boards in CP and get the feds to ban their own mongolian cartoon basketweaving board. These must be different people though. I can’t imagine the average chaotic neutral /b/tard from the golden age of /b/ replying to suicidal 14 year olds asking whether to kill themselves with “do it f@ggot” suddenly turning a new leaf and caring … Continue reading