Slum Online by Hiroshi Sakurazaka Light Novel Review

There are no pictures in this light novel except the one on the cover. It’s only one volume and it’s not that long. Only 210 pages. The protagonist is an apathetic college freshman who gets addicted to an online fighting game but has to balance this with his relationship with his girlfriend. It reads like a short story. The characters are not that developed and the ideas of the protagonist which he relates to us … Continue reading

The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton Book Review

This is a very thin book, it’s only a 256 pages and yet it attempts to cover the works and the lives of major philosophers from Socrates, Lucretius, Seneca Shopenhaur etc… often coming out as a string of wikipedia articles with little connection to each other. Almost everypage is full of an exerpt from the philosopher in question and one section is just short biography with key dates in the philosophers life. The book is … Continue reading

Race and Genetics are less important than Culture and Values for National Identity

Let me posit to you an extreme thought experiment. If all the women in Britain were to become infertile and if a massive adoption of babies from other parts of the world were to occur and eventually the entire population of Britain were to be replaced by people with different genes and races but with values and culture and mannerism identical to those of British people before the mass infertility, then would Britain still be … Continue reading

Persepolis Movie review

Persepolis is the autobiographical story of an Iranian girl living through the revolution, the counter-revolution and the war with Iraq and then about her experiences in the west. The film is an animated adaptation of the graphic novel. I haven’t read the graphic novel so I can’t compare it to the film. There are many memoirs like this, of young brave women escaping the despotism of their home countries and then finding it hard to … Continue reading

Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man by Christopher Hitchens Book Review

This is a biography of one of the founding father’s of America Thomas Paine by a journalist called Christopher Hitchens. To be more precise this is more of a biography of his works rather than a retelling of Paine’s life. Only those events relevant to the texts by Paine and other contemporaries(such as Edmund Burke) and some non-contemporaries are discussed. I have not read any of Mr. Paine’s works so this has served me as … Continue reading

Tylor’s Plan: An Analysis of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor; or the Japanese Diogenes

Can’t you see, this is all part of Tylor’s plan? – Captain Don, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, episode 23. “Tylor, what is your plan!?”(angry) Captain Don “Do your best and believe in your destiny.” – Tylor “It was fun”- The Empress to Tylor A lot of truth is said in jest in this show. I like to see it as a parody of Legend of Galactic Heroes, I mean what if the genius tactician was … Continue reading

George Orwell: Futuro di una Germania in Rovina

For the English version search for ‘Future of a Ruined Germany’ Giacché l’avanzata nella Germania continua, la devastazione causata dal bombardamento dagli aerei Alleati diventa sempre più chiara, ci sono tre commenti che quasi ogni osservatore si ritrova a fare. Il primo è: ‘la gente in patria non ha alcuna nozione o idea di questo.’Il secondo è: ‘E’ un miracolo che hanno continuato a combattere. ‘ E il terzo è, ‘Ma quanto lavoro ci vorrà … Continue reading

The Problem with Blogging and “New” Media

Journalism can broadly be divided into social commentary and reporting. I think Christopher Hitchens was right when he pointed out that the problem with blogging and news commentators is that it is essentially feeding off “old” media. I think that what he means by that is that bloggers (i.e. politics youtube videos, most social commentary on the internet) do not have the resources to do their own reporting so they are dependent and effectively leaching … Continue reading

Abortion and other socially permissible forms of murder

“Abortion is murder and is immoral but ethical” – Vee     I have been reluctantly in favour of abortion for a long time, and after watching this video my opinion has remained unchanged. It is a form of murder but looking at the social consequences banning abortion has it is a socially permissible form of murder. I believe the social consequences of banning abortion in Romania are enough of a justification for this. But … Continue reading


[The Question Answered] What is it men in women do require? The lineaments of gratified desire. What is it women do in men require? The lineaments of gratified desire. – Willaim Blake, Several Questions Answered The relationship between men and women cannot be reduced to a simple antagonism obviously. It is true that we are all pushing our ideals on others and that’s fine to an extent after all we are the ones who have … Continue reading

Why I don’t want to believe in God. A Reply to Peter Hitchens’ question: ‘Why don’t you want to believe in God?’

To put it bluntly if there were an omnipotent God then I think He should burn forever in eternal hellfire in deepest depths of hell. Peter Hitchens, columnist for the Mail on Sunday has on several occasions asked the question ‘why don’t you want to believe in God?’ in his debates with atheists. He believes that as it is unknowable whether there is a creator to this universe arguments presenting evidence for and against the … Continue reading

Abenobashi Review

A show with too much referential humour without a point to make. This is one of Studio Gainax’s weaker shows. I had high expectations for this series and was dissapointed I only found the humour in the later episodes to be funny and the conclusion was pretty weak and the resolution contrived. All the characters excluding the two main characters continually get reset to fit the new setting of each episode so there is little … Continue reading

Re: ‘What’s wrong with ‘Libertarianism’?’ by Peter Hitchens, and some thoughts on the Manchester attack

“No man fights freedom; he fights at most the freedom of others.” – Karl Marx Peter Hitchens, columnist for the Mail on Sunday criticizes liberty and equality on the basis that they are merely inadequate substitutes to Christianity. “It is obvious to the slowest thinker that (as Karl Marx pointed out) the freedom of all is impossible, as it will lead to conflicts between groups who wish to be free to do something which tramples … Continue reading