Who is Exploited by Pornography? Not Women.

Okay maybe some women are but if I had said “Young Men” then I would have been laughed at and ignored. If I can get a hearing a from an hostile audience then I will take that over not being heard at all. I know I will not be listened to but if I sufficiently anger someone then when he is calmer he try to come up with a bad retort and if the memory of me getting a rise out of him is far enough he might even have the mental fortitude to consider I may have been onto something.

Much attention has been given to how being in the porn industry affects the future prospects of women and this is a good thing as it might burst the delusions of stardom that some young women who go into the porn industry expect. However a much larger group of people who have been negatively affected by pornography has been ignored and when paid any attention to either ridiculed as impotent (after having being made so) or vilified as exploiters (after having being exploited). The demographic group I am referring to is that of young men though many them are old now.

The reasons that a religious man such as a priest might ask a boy not to masturbate are idiotic ones like ‘it will make you blind’ and ‘Christ will suffer for it and you will burn in hell’ etc… But is it not better if the boy heeds the priest’s word, believes that convenient lie and grows to be a responsible adult able and willing to take on the responsibility of a family and experience sex that way rather than end up as a sex starved lecher fermenting in his own filth in his parent’s basement who keep him there out of sight out of shame and radicalising himself against the society which let this happen to him by engaging in online communities like incels (involuntary celibates). This same society then follows to censor and ban incel communities as being hateful towards society (duh! off course they would be) using the power of the state, the press, the mob and large corporations. Naturally this results in further impotent hatred towards society and to seek answers he will look towards others whom society deems as villains such as the far right and so on. Obviously these men are powerless and other than a few well publicised incidents where the press has tried to whip up mass hysteria about incels it has led to nothing though it has lost the potential contributions and admirable traits these men could have provided to society and to themselves had they being functional.

Of course it is a simple matter of lack of personal responsibility on the part of these young men but what has led to this lack of personal responsibility? That is what I am attempting to answer. I believe the proliferation of pornography is part of the answer. How so? It is a time sink. Time which could have could have been used for something creative and active rather than for passive consumption which only fuels desire which cannot be met leading to desperation and helplessness which lead to further inaction and from there to even more hopelessness. Of course you may, as most do, make light of their whole situation when you hear of it. There are no negative repercussions for that. Contrast this to the respect bordering on piety shown to those who work in the porn industry by the intelligentsia.

It is true that these women who work in the porn industry face negative social repercussions for their work which may not be exactly fair and yet what considerations have these women paid to those young and old men whose attention and time they are willing to profit from? As far as I have seen none whatsoever so my sympathy does not reach very far either. To put it bluntly at least they have a paycheck to show for their effort and maybe even some actual sex whereas on the other side of the screen neither of those things are present. It is an unequal exchange, the left-wing press has a word they love to use for this, exploitation.

Do I think that pornography should be banned? No, our liberty is more important than the lost lives of a bunch of losers. What should be done however is to stop trying to ban incel communities and perhaps the porn industry and other industries such as the gaming industry should redirect some of the their profits to offset the damage that they have done to these people especially by creating employment opportunities for them or and some safe and legal way to access escort services. I know the latter is controversial but it would help them be less hung up about their lack of sexual attraction a bit. Will this solve everything? No, but showing a little bit of consideration for each other would go a long way especially compared to what is happening now – i.e. trying to ban this and that in an attempt to unilaterally place the interests of one group over another.

Finally there is this delusion that a majority of incels are white men when in many if not most are third or second generation immigrants usually south Asian men, east Asian men and black men. Why is this? Because they are at the bottom of sexual attraction for most women. If you don’t believe me then look at those ads by sex workers in Germany and elsewhere which will say that black, Indian and Arab gentlemen are not welcome. In what other industry is it acceptable to openly deny service based on race? That should tell you everything you need to know. Sure these women could be forced to provide services through the violence of the state (just as many others have had their freedom of association curtailed) but the very reason for there to be a need to is indicative of the truth that is being swept under the rug by all those vacuous depictions of middle class black and Asian men by leftwing producers who believe that society is just a reflection of the media and so that by changing depictions of society in the media society can be changed to fit its depiction in the media.

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