Story Premise of Visual Novel

Protagonist-kun kills himself because he is a 40 year old NEET and Mephistopheles, a hot demoness claims his soul and gives him another chance “for those betrayed by history”, “the losers of history” in another dimension called Status;Zer0. Protagonist-kun is forced to entertain the devil and other demons in hell by being part of a podcast called Terminal Dogma. All podcast member in Terminal Dogma killed themselves too except the host of Terminal Dogma, Mephistopheles herself.

After getting reincarnated in the Status;Zer0 dimension protagonist-kun wakes up wearing a virtual reality headset which shows him a room only illuminated by an old CRT monitor from an old IBM desktop computer. The desktop background image simply reads “Welcome to Status Zero Zero” in blue-text on a white background. When he takes his VR headset off he is in an identical room with an identical computer but the lights in the room are on. He recognises that the PC is running arch linux with dwm. He quickly realises that he has access to the internet through an ancient browser called Net-scape Navigator but nobody on 1/2-chan believes him when he says he is in hell. He soon realizes that 1/2-chan was the only website he could visit. He wonders whether this was his punishment was neglecting his duties and spending most of his time on 1/2-chan.

The members of Terminal Dogma do not actually meet each other but talk to each other through an ancient chat program called aMSN, the protagonist realises this when he hears the aMSN messenger notification sound and sees a notification for it in the taskbar on top of the PC’s screen. He chats with a member of the Terminal Dogma podcast and then… I haven’t still thought of what should happen which leads to the first Terminal Dogma episode hosted by Mephistopheles on Terminal Dogma.

The only game on the computer was the Multi User Dungeon called True World Online LPMUD. There are no windows in the room and it looks like a studio flat. Every night when he goes to sleep the fridge in the kitchen is replenished. The chair infront of the PC doubles as a omnidirectional treadmill. When he wakes up protagonist-kun wears a haptic suit, haptic gloves and a haptic mask. The haptic suit looks like the plugsuit in eva and gear fighter dendoh. When he looks in his wardrobe there are only different haptic suits/gloves and masks so he sleeps with his haptic suit on as well. The haptic suit feels like cotton.

The virtual meeting room for the podcast is based on the headquarters in Gear Fighter Dendoh including meteo and its AI. As for the content of the podcast I am thinking of doing a Japanese TRPG replay type thing. Basically the premise is demons who have claimed the souls of those who have killed themselves and thus rejected God’s gift of life and thus rejected God Himself are tasked with entertaining demons in hell by playing a Table-Talk RPG.

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