Open-Software For a Open-Source Visual Novel

The software I am planning to use to make Terminal Dogma, an open-source visual novel is the following:

  • Vim: As the text editor to write the script and code the game.
  • Renpy: As the Visual Novel Engine. Python is slow but I couldn’t find a C based Visual Novel Engine with proper documentation. I wish it was written in C but at least it is open source with a healthy English speaking community for the inevitable troubleshooting.
  • GIMP: For the backgrounds. I can’t be bothered to draw thousands of backgrounds so I will GIMP photographs to look like drawings.
  • Krita: To draw the character sprites. Krita is extremely bloated but it is well supported which cannot be said for other open source drawing programs. I could try to GIMP some character sprites too of course.
  • LMMS: To compose the soundtrack. A pretty nimble program by default.
  • Blender: For the most 2D-like anime-style 3D anime segments. Songs maybe and action scenes. 2D animation is just too time-consuming. Blender is the most supported open source animation project. I just hope the devs don’t trash their project by constantly changing the GUI for their program. Redesigning the GUI of a GUI program is the best way to make a GUI program worse.

I honestly would like to move on some of the visual and sound work I do to a terminal based workflow but it is hard to draw, animate and compose music from the command line. I have the most hope for a terminal based music composition program but I need to look for one. I am only interested in looking at randomly generated music as well as way to save effort and time.

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