My First Table-Top RPG Character Sheets

The following Character Sheets have been created with the free and open source Basic Fantasy RPG core book. The names for the characters were generated by Fantasy Name Generators. The character portraits were generated by This Waifu Does Not Exist.

Alhwald Tillyworth’s Character Sheet

Alhwald’s character portrait. Yes he is a guy.

  • STR 11
  • INT 14 +1
  • WIS 11
  • DEX 7 -1
  • CON 10
  • CHA 11
  • ATK(Attack Bonus) +1 if melee and -1 if missile weapon
  • AC (Armour Class) 15
  • HP 10
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Fighter
  • Sex: Male
  • Level: 1
  • Age: 16
  • XP: 0 (2000)
  • Hit Dice: 1d8
  • Money: 244 gp
  • Equipment: Chainmail, Shield, Long-Sword, Backpack, Rations-7 days, Water-skin, Thinderbox, Flint and Steel
  • 50′ rope
  • Spells/Abilities: 10% bonus to all xp earned
  • Saving Throws: Death Ray/Poinson: 12, Magic Wands: 13, Paralysis or Petrify:14, Dragon Breath: 15, Spells: 17.
  • Player: Stefano Dissanayake
  • Background (Generated with Quick Character Generation Supplement): Alhwald is the third child in his family. His father was a musician and could not afford to look after him so as a child he lived with some nomads. As a young adult he left these nomads and moved to a small town hoping to achieve his ambitions of wealth and comfort. He can be a bit greedy because of his ambitions.

Lyndis Hersandoral’s Character Sheet

Lyndis’s Character Portrait. Yes, she is an elf. Imagine her pointy ears hidden behind her hair lol.

For Lynidis’s character sheet I am just going to use the Quick Character Generator supplement cause it’s easier.

  • Age: 17
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Cleric
  • Sex: Female
  • Lv: 1 (1500)
  • STR 10
  • INT 14 +1
  • WIS 15 +1
  • DEX 13 +1
  • CON 14 +1
  • CHA 14 +1
  • AC 13 +1
  • HP 15
  • Hit Dice 1d6
  • Special Abilities: 60′ range Darkvision. 1-2 on 1d6 to find secret doors and 1 on 1d6 with just a cursory look. Immune to paralysing attack of ghouls. Less likely to be surprised in combat by 1 in 1d6.
  • Saving Throws: Death Ray or Poison: 11, Magic Wands: 12+2, Paralysis or Petrify: 14+1, Dragon Breath: 16, Spells: 15+2.
  • Background: Lyndis is the third child in her family. Her father is a mercenary and Lyndis wants to get experience on her own to follow his footsteps. When she was a child of 8 she got lost in the wilderness and she lost her consciousness while being pursued by Kobolds. When she was out she saw Kalmera the Goddess of Miracles and when she woke up her wounds were gone and she was in an area of the wilderness she was familiar with and the Kobolds were nowhere to be found.
  • Armour: Leather Armour because Chain-mail chafes on her soft skin. Plus a shield for +1 AC.
  • Weapon: Quarterstaff.
  • Money: 10 gp.
  • Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Water, Remove Fear, Resist Cold. No Spells until Lv 2.

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