Is there a good open source jrpg?

I can’t into RTS so 0ad is not an option. Tried Wesnoth but it too involves just too many PCs. I would like Wesnoth if it was more like a JRPG where you lead a small group of adventurers each with a background story rather than a whole lot of soldiers. As for Tux Kart, I have the reflexes of a retarded hamster so it never was an option. Is there something more like a open source jrpg? Even a mod which would make Wesnoth more like a jrpg would be fine. The closest thing that I have found is an open source mobile game for android which is more of a SNES era roguelike with a main questline and sidequests. JRPGs give me that table-top rpg feeling sometimes and I love that but I haven’t been able to get that from an open source game yet. Any open source RPGs or JRPGs? Preferably turn-based lol.

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