Christianity is European

Christianity is at least as hellenistic and pagan as it is Jewish.

Even Nietzche called Christianity Platonism for the masses even though I am not sure he meant that as a compliment. Varg-tier thinkers on will then critisize Christianity as hellenistic/latin statist domestication of Germanic tribes and then fall back to calling Christianity “muh slave jewish morarallity” and then ridicule all the romance language speaking flag posters as west african jewish mexicans who had to come and be saved from muslims by those nordics who btfod their jewified welfare farmer-soldier empire. The rest of the thread will be plebbit-tier trip@fgs fishing for (You)s and indo-european worshipping anglo-indians taking turns gang-raping some butthurt rural Chtistf@g who can barely solve the captcha while seething in indignation and so took the bait.

These threads are short but there is usually at least one started by some atheist on life-support grasping for a reason to hate Christianity as jew-worship when fact they just can’t get over that a priest at Sunday school told them not to coom to cultured tentacle hentai when they were twelve years old.

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2 thoughts on “Christianity is European

  1. Agreed entirely. The only time I felt these ways about Christianity was when I was about 12. Rebellion phase, questioning everything, edginess. Now the older I get, the more I start to appreciate it. Sadly, the Roman Catholic church has been getting cucked by the current pope. This makes it hard for me to embrace the faith.

    • Same here. I have gone through my anti-Christian phase and now I see Christianity in a more positive light as a social force overall. However I still can’t believe in Christianity again because there is too much personification of the unknown, too much wishthinking regarding God’s (i.e. the supernatural’s) intentions that although I can agree with Christianity’s social goals I still can’t help but view Christianity as yet another posthoc metaphyics for a material political goal and self-interest. I guess I will remain an ex-Catholic atheist for now. Technically speaking I am an agnostic but let’s be honest most agnostics are atheists in denial in that our derivation of ethics is no different than the purely material, instinctual atheist’s ethics which is openly not based on any metaphysics but first on feelings. Christians make too many claims on the validity of their ethics based on shakey metaphysics, if Christians should abandon all metaphysical claims of their faith then I might be a Christian again.

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