Mother of Learning Web Novel Review

Rating: 7/10. Mother of Learning is probably the most popular English language web novel. Wildbow’s Worm web novel may or may not be more popular. MoL is still the number one best-rated novel on Royal Road despite no new chapters being released for more than a year now. Is MoL worthy of all the praise it gets? I don’t believe so. The first arc is certainly worthy of praise but by the second and certainly … Continue reading

Ibitsu by Okada Kazuto Manga Review

A seinen ecchi psychological manga about bdsm that delivers on its ecchi but lacks any message and is finally ruined by its rushed ending. This manga had a pretty good start. It all starts with our self-insert protagonist Kakikuchi, an elementary school kid like looking 22 year old loser groping a cute sternlooking high-school girl called Madoka on a train (unlike the other Madoka who is an excuse for misery porn this Madoka is an … Continue reading

Tatami Galaxy Anime Review

Tatami Galaxy is an anime redeemed by its ending. The ending is cathartic because there is no time reset- only parallel universes that the protagonist has no access to. There is nothing deep about the message of the show and in the end it left me wondering if so many episodes were necessary to tell such a simple message? Also even though refreshingly there is no time reset, there is the sudden change in the … Continue reading

Great Teacher Onizuka Manga + Anime + Live Action Review

The Anime GTO is an unrealistic school comedy about Onizuka Eikichi, age 22, a virgin and a former biker gang leader trying to become a high school teacher to hit on highschool girls but ending up as a homeroom teacher in a middle school class full of kids with issues who hate teachers. Basically it is fun seeing all the students who were against him at the start being converted to his side because of … Continue reading

Kaiba Anime Review

A mostly episodic series with childish cartoonish artstyle to depict often violent and occasionally sexual scenes for shock effect. Acts of random cruelty are often displayed as misery porn. The childish artstyle is often taken as a sign of maturity and depth. Even though there is an overarching plot many of the episodes, and there are only twelve of them, are spent on side-stories with side characters we will never see again. The stories are … Continue reading

Hyouka Anime Review

Are you an anti-social person, with a rosy but otherwise boring life? Someone who deep inside feels you are charismatic and people of the opposite sex should be very interested in you, even if you act like an uncaring person that would normally make everybody to be fed up with you? Then Hyouka is the show for you! – @thatanimesnob I like Hyouka. I have watched it a couple of times and I am still angry for … Continue reading

Cowboy Bebop Anime Review

It’s an episodic series about bounty hunters in space. That’s about it really, if that peaks your interest then have a look. The ending is cathartic and conclusive which is more than what can be said for most series which are inconclusive infomercials for the source material. There are a few movies which are stand alone stories which add nothing to the plot and little to the characterization. The characters don’t change that much throughout … Continue reading

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai Book Review

“A lonely modern man”- Natsume Soseki described himself with those words but I think that they are as true for Osamu Dazai and the protagonist of Dazai’s semi-autobiographical novel. The novel is divided into three notebooks. The novel is narrated in first person and much of what the protagonist feels is is told rather than shown. If you don’t like first person narrators who go into great lenght you may want to skip this, then … Continue reading

A Review of The End of Evangelion, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Apocalypse

Sometimes I wonder ‘Would it have been better if the Americans and the Russians had blown us all to kingdom come, or not come, as the case may be?’ The End of Evangelion is the sequel movie to the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. It is also the most beautiful depiction of an apocalypse that I have seen. This is one of those anime where the explicit message is contradicted by its implicit message. Many … Continue reading

Kokoro by Natsume Soseki Book Review; The Illusions of a Young Intellectual and of Friendship

” to bury myself alive under books” – My favourite line of the novel. Kokoro means heart in Japanese. It also means the heart of things but to me this novel seemed to indicate the lack of a heart in things or perhaps its loss or the realisation that it was never there to begin with. I think it is very common for young literary minded twenty-something year olds (especially if they are not successful) … Continue reading

Welcome to the NHK Manga, Anime and Light Novel Review And Comparison

What has this? Got to do with this? The answer is: Nothing. The anime version of the story is the best. The light novel is average. The manga is atrocious. The NHK anime has an unrealistic premise playing out in a plausible manner. The premise is the same as that many other anime and manga like Sundome, Oh my Goddess, Video Girl Ai and I think the first of its kind was a hentai OVA … Continue reading

Sundome by Kazuto Okada Manga Review

An ecchi romance manga that used to be popular on 4chan. The protagonist is an unassuming typical perverted highschool protagonist #6723 infatuating himself with mysterious transfer student #9969 who for some unexplained reason takes interest in our protagonist. As an ecchi, it’s a diamond – shamelessly kinky, but connecting the fetishes to emotional evolution of the characters. It’s not that explicit but then I may say that because of the smut I normally read hehe … Continue reading

Slum Online by Hiroshi Sakurazaka Light Novel Review

There are no pictures in this light novel except the one on the cover. It’s only one volume and it’s not that long. Only 210 pages. The protagonist is an apathetic college freshman who gets addicted to an online fighting game but has to balance this with his relationship with his girlfriend. It reads like a short story. The characters are not that developed and the ideas of the protagonist which he relates to us … Continue reading