The Internet Killed Anime

You are right [Luke Smith] when I didn’t have the internet I actually watched a lot more anime but now that I have the internet I am paralyzed by choice and I end up wasting my time watching “content creators” larping on youtube rather than watching anime. Nowadays it takes me months if not years to watch a single anime whereas back when I didn’t have internet I would download many episodes at school/uni and … Continue reading

Nietzche Contra Rand

@Daniel Menefrego  what I meant to say is that if I could convince myself that Greek myths and deities were real that would make me more heroic but it doesn’t matter whether ancient Greek deities were real or not only whether I believed in them. Similarly if I believed in Christ that would make me a more decent man though not necessarily more heroic like the Greek deities. On a side-note Ayn Rand’s romance novels … Continue reading

France is Dead.

France is dead. Who can say ‘Vive la France’ today? With 8% of the population of France being Muslims and rising you can forget all about freedom, equality and fraternity. Many others have discussed the issue so I will leave it at that. What is the solution? Either deport all muslims in France or give total direct total control of all Islamic activities in France to the central government in Paris. Reform to Islam is … Continue reading

MUDs are the closest thing to Table-Talk RPGs

There are hundreds of MUDs but only a few dozen have concurrent players online in the hundreds. Some of them have web clients you can play in your web browser too like the one I was playing called Genesis LPmud which you can play in your browser without installing anything. I recommend Genesis LPMud because it has an ascii art map, a tutorial island and because it is non-profit with no microtransactions and is not … Continue reading

Christianity is European

Christianity is at least as hellenistic and pagan as it is Jewish. Even Nietzche called Christianity Platonism for the masses even though I am not sure he meant that as a compliment. Varg-tier thinkers on will then critisize Christianity as hellenistic/latin statist domestication of Germanic tribes and then fall back to calling Christianity “muh slave jewish morarallity” and then ridicule all the romance language speaking flag posters as west african jewish mexicans who had … Continue reading

Based and Redpilled Loli-Detective Anime

Un-Go is about some globalist tech giant CEO billionaire manupulating the media and hiding the truth for politically inconvenient crimes in order to work towards his utopian goals. Un-Go is based and redpilled. Yuuki Shinjurou, the detective wants to reveal the truth, consequences be damned. He also has a loli/shota detective sidekick.  The setting is a slightly futuristic post-war Japan. The government works with big tech billionaires to censor the media and social media. Truly … Continue reading

Nominate ThatAnimeSnob as a Crunchyroll Awards Judge

Anime is becoming more and more boring as it gets more mainstream. To save anime we need people with taste to be the leaders of our community. There is no point in saying that we don’t want their to be leaders and followers because a natural aristocracy or hierarchy will always form by itself in any community of more than one. Even Robinson Crusoe had a slave – and though he would not be called … Continue reading

Is there a good open source jrpg?

I can’t into RTS so 0ad is not an option. Tried Wesnoth but it too involves just too many PCs. I would like Wesnoth if it was more like a JRPG where you lead a small group of adventurers each with a background story rather than a whole lot of soldiers. As for Tux Kart, I have the reflexes of a retarded hamster so it never was an option. Is there something more like a … Continue reading

Why the Left Hates Hentai

The Australian government has banned the import of hentai from Japan – probably for the same sub-human low-iq herd’s cry of ‘think about the chilens’ and the primal animalistic desire to lord it over others of the state probably also helped to persuade the politicians behind this bill to drink from the poisoned chalise of censorship. I will not even try to debunk the reasoning which is beneath human reason which went into enacting this … Continue reading

Story Premise of Visual Novel

Protagonist-kun kills himself because he is a 40 year old NEET and Mephistopheles, a hot demoness claims his soul and gives him another chance “for those betrayed by history”, “the losers of history” in another dimension called Status;Zer0. Protagonist-kun is forced to entertain the devil and other demons in hell by being part of a podcast called Terminal Dogma. All podcast member in Terminal Dogma killed themselves too except the host of Terminal Dogma, Mephistopheles … Continue reading

Dragonball Z Broly Movie vs Dragonball Super Broly Movie

The old Dragon Ball Z movie is too fast paced but it gets a few things right that the Super movie does not. First of all it has blood in it and there is a genuine sense of danger with Vegeta being genuinely afraid of going against the Legendary Super Saiyan and they are only able to defeat Broly. Broly’s father too has a few moments too shine despite his evilness. The same goes for … Continue reading

4Chan Used to be Better

@Brobotnick  Anything for the lulz. The reason for captcha is because anons would write bots to cover whole boards in CP and get the feds to ban their own mongolian cartoon basketweaving board. These must be different people though. I can’t imagine the average chaotic neutral /b/tard from the golden age of /b/ replying to suicidal 14 year olds asking whether to kill themselves with “do it f@ggot” suddenly turning a new leaf and caring … Continue reading

Open-Software For a Open-Source Visual Novel

The software I am planning to use to make Terminal Dogma, an open-source visual novel is the following: Vim: As the text editor to write the script and code the game. Renpy: As the Visual Novel Engine. Python is slow but I couldn’t find a C based Visual Novel Engine with proper documentation. I wish it was written in C but at least it is open source with a healthy English speaking community for the … Continue reading