Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Violations of Terms of Service, Back To Blogger

I haven't got much trust left in the law as a means of justice except in a few straightforward cases like murder and r@pe. The reason for this is because of the vulture like culture of interest groups powered by fanatic acolytes and cold blooded lawyers which has grown around of our legal institutions. Specifically what I object to is the special pleading for the use of force when it comes to steal for certain groups.

Flybe, a British regional carrier which transports people from poor and isolated areas has been saved from the clutches of the dogmatic "environmental authorities" who intend to kill everything that is good, great or pleasurable on the altar of inanimate plants and dumb animals. It is always the poor and the disadvantaged who are most disadvantaged most by "environmental" legislation. Take the five pence price on plastic bags in the UK. Who pays the most through high electricity and fuel prices from the fanatical opposition to fracking in the UK? The poor.

As for the idiotic effect of the law on greatness, pleasure and simple joy take no look further than COPPA which is threatening to cripple YouTube's creative power unleashed from the shackles of the most disgusting perverts and the lowest uncommon denominator which mans and informs the censors (or "regulators" as they so self-gratifyingly call themselves) of the television, film, comic book and advertising industries. These little men and hysterical women have done nothing but harm the faculties of mankind and are to be treated as the simple enemies joy and friends of mediocrity which they are.

I still remember and relish the look on my left-wing university professor's face when I brought up the annoying GDPR cookie notices when she asked me for evidence of the state interference of the intellectually mendicant European "authorities" in regulating the internet for our safety. Obviously she found it annoying but had no idea where they came from. Cookie notices are annoying and I advise you to use a cookie notice blocker such as "I don't care about cookies." If you care about "cookies" that much of course you are free to delete them or get a browser or extensions that does it for you. Aside from how annoying these things are they benefit large sites which you regularly visit and set you against visiting small sites which have to display them. I for one do not recognize the authority of the "European" "authorities" and will try to remove annoying cookie warnings from the face of this site. These cookie annoyances are only the tip of the iceberg which explain how pigheaded "European" legislation has made it so Europe has to depend on American internet services.

For more evidence about how these little interest groups have made life of the ordinary man worse then look no further than the wages of the London underground drivers who get paid outrageous wages because they have artificially limited the number of people who can apply to be drivers. For a more obvious attempt at this unprincipled pride-less selfishness of interest groups than look at the futile and pathetic attempts to ban services like Uber from operating because it affects the wages of cab drivers. Of course these cab driver's do not give a single shit about the people who simply cannot afford to take licensed cabs in places like London and would be deprived of many opportunities would services like Uber become unavailable.

These cab drivers of course are innocent when compared to the parasitical class of academics all over Europe and America leeching off millions from the tax payer and then regularly have the gall to preach to him. These intellectuals carry the sickening smell of any self-anointed clergy.

I have been suspended from 000webhost but not for the reason that I ought to be suspended. I hid their unspeakably ugly "powered by zero host" watermark banner but what I was actually suspended for was for having too many unique viewers. Of course most of those unique viewers are most certainly bots looking over every nook and cranny to find somewhere to spill their poisoned spam.

Interserver provides free hosting for students but alas I found that it was only for US students after emailing them. This was not clear from their page but maybe I just wasn't bothered to read the invisible fine-print between the words. Accuhosting apparently provides free hosting for students but they want to make me jump through hoops like a circus animal (leave a like on their social media accounts, make a two minute youtube video etc...).

Back to blogger it is then. Roger Scruton apparently died of something aged 75. Although he looked charming when I tried to read him some years ago I found his essays a bit too artsy for me. One thing I do agree with him though is that modern architecture (most things built after 1850) is trash and makes them people who live in it and see it feel and behave like trash too. I was able to easily migrate my blog from wordpress to blogger using a website called wordpress2blogger. It is a pity blogger itself does not provide tools to export wordpress blogs to blogger.

Blogger knows what it is and it is good as such instead of trying to become overthinking for everyone and ending up being nothing for no one like No this is not some round about endorsement of monogamy. I miss being able to press D to close tabs as I could with pentadactyl. Ah well all good things must come to an end which means the evil ones must propagate themselves forever. Google might shut blogger down now that I have started using it (I know, I know, correlation does not equal causation just ballache) still I have heard that google still makes some money from non-english parts of the areas such as India and Brazil for whom blogger is free real estate. Recently I see they have closed down the comments on their spam ridden blogger blog and they have started to tweak the backend for plebian mobile users to little success I might add. I think I also see they updated the pathetic android app a bit too.

My domain name is gonna run out of juice this march so now I have to sacrifice £10 or $13 on the altar of Seriously I wish it was possible to just buy a domain for life or for however long you used it with a one off payment. This is why we can't have nice things. Some of the older blogger themes are decent as I think you may have noticed right now. The problem is that they are not responsive for the subhuman mobile phone web users. The mobile version of this site currently is what mobile users deserve but I also want money so I will see if I can do anything about it. I think I will not use disqus comments on this blog because the likes cause readers to interact more with each other than with me and if you haven't noticed yet this blog is about me, me, me and me.

It is true that Trump lost the popular vote as sore losers on the left never tire to mention. Hopefully we will have another reel of young women and "men" bawling their eyes in public out about their preferred candidate not winning the election. Anyhoo... where did I learn to say anyhoo... I heard this popular nonsense twice today. On BBC Radio 4 on my way to my inhumanely drab lecture on aircraft mechanics and during lunch break at the college library where a girl with a nose piercing sitting to my left was writing an essay about Trump while getting help from two other girls. The BBC Radio Woke program was about the inability of the democratic party to get behind one leader and why Trump should be worried about this. A BBC expert on US elections was brought on to explain why and he rightfully pointed out that Trump should be worried because white people are no longer a majority in the US. Uh la la la didn't expect a far right talking point 101 on BBC Radio four. As for norse piercing when her colleague suggested to write that Trump is charismatic for winning the election she or one of the womenfolk retorted but muh popular vote. The BBC radio expert was right of course what he failed to mention of course is that the reason that white people are becoming a minority is because of mass migration - but saying that would reflect badly on the left so it's a no-no. What got my noggin joggin and my knickers in a twist is the BBC expert's right observation that this will raise questions about the US Constitution as being an outdated document. It's like the liberal left-wing assumption that all peoples are interchangeable is eating itself.

I also heard one of the girls say that Trump is a crook. This may have some more reality to it especially in seeing how he and his father grew rich on government construction contracts redistributing stolen wealth in taxation.

I tried the mobile-ified interface for blogger by pressing for some prompt. It is thankfully not more simplified than the ordinary desktop interface although it does have that empty, bloated corpse in the refer surrounded by its own feces look which a lot of modern applications have. The Edit HTML button was hidden behind three buttons. The mobile curse on GUI is to hide options behind menus behind hamburger menus. If I didn't know there was an Edit HTML option then it would have eluded me. Other than that there was nothing too wrong though. I got this mobile interface thing by clicking a prompt to be a beta tester and ever the curious cat I clicked it half-knowing that eventually it would be pushed down my throat eventually anyhoo. For now though all is gay on the blogger front. There still isn't a "gadget"/widget for just recent posts so I grabbed one and made it fit in by changing some colours to the kissanime green which I have based my site on desu. The God awful annoying ugly abomination of a cookie notice is still there. It covers the entire blog header like a giant wart on my blog. The RSS and hit counter gadgets still don't work when the adblocker is on. As I may have already said (I am not bothered to proofread this) the good old, old is gold, blogger themes are not mobile people compatible. Some w@nker with an unattractive nu-male voice is being loud in the library. There are some unmanly voices which are attractive (David Bowie) this is not that. Oh Lord why won't he shut up I lost my thought. Email subscriptions are still provided by feedburner.

My Chai-nese phone, DOOGE X5 MAX Pro Ultimate X-limiter Version Over 9000. I have only fifteen minutes left on my library computer so basically it keeps turning off. My parents had taken it away but I got mein hands on it. The problem is that it keeps shutting down (it's not a pc but whatever) because I tried to free some space by deleting everything. I know that sounds dumb but I was lacking a purpose to live back then dehydrating and swarmed by builders, relatives and flies on a miserable trip to an unfinished house in the valley between two hills in Sri Lanka last year. Anyway I am going to try to root that phone and rejoin the mobile phone sub-human race. What is most likely to happen given my technical skills is that I will permanently break that phone which is just as well because it is better not to have a smart phone than one which switches off every five minutes.

In a half-stupefied mood I half watched some of the morning BBC program with the hot short-haired Indian chick and the thin tall steretypical looking middle-class Englishman. 8 mins left on mein library session. Obviously it didn't take long for them to get on my nerves with their talk of how there is no advantage of being on Windows 7 and to update to Windows 10 because of muh security. Basically they just took what the Microsoft (M$) corp line told them at face value and screw research. Oh yeah at the end they asked viewers to tell their social media accounts why they sticked to win 7 because why do research. Nothing was said of the bloatware and telemetry loaded in win 10, nor anything about the failed touch interface which plagues win 10 nor the obvious point did it occur to them that a lot of people on win 7 simply are on devices which run too sluggishly with the bloat of win 10. Sacra Merda I ran out of time to write this post on the library desktop. The failed barely tested windows 10 updates have been the biggest cause of headaches for windows users more so than viruses or intentional harm. Windows Home users are being used as guinea pigs alpha users for enterprise microsoft customers.

I wasn't able to watch much Ashita no Joe after the prison arc. I feel that it is starting to get melodramatic then again when I look at how bad British soap operas on TV are I feel better.

Yesterday I was able to get the television working which I instantly regretted it for reasons which should be obvious to all thinking people. Thank God for the internet and anime.