Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday at the shop

Blogging is kind of dead to me because of youtube but recording videos is so much work so here I am.

There is so much anime that I could be watching that I can't start watching anything. It is easier to read manga or web/light novels because then I am more in control of the pacing of the story.

I can waste tens of hours listening to a youtuber talk. I have already watched a one and half hour long analysis video of Buffy the vampire slayer. When I watch anime I feel a dreadful sense that I am wasting my time that I should look for an anime which is a masterpiece.

It's a windy dark January and I am working in small shop wondering how boring and unglamorous and asexual my life is. There is a small electric heater fan keeping my feet warm.

In north korea women are able make more money than men through the informal economy, This is because men are drafted to the military slave labour more often. I wonder if this higher income for women has helped the regime stay in power.

Some Indian woman at the BBC was able to extort money from the BBC because she didn't make as much as a more glamorous BBC male host. Everyday my trust in the law as a means to justice depreciates. My advise is to keep as far as possible from lawyers. The BBC itself is of course run with extortion money and ought to be abolished.

If there is such a thing as a natural aristocracy, if freedom is doomed to tyranny from the start, then the kind of society in Singapore is the best I can hope for.

A hobby is not enough as purpose to keep me striving. Assuming that this world is all that there is then I need to think that I am striving for something that will outlive me and possible grow or wither in the hands of others.

Politics is such a useless distraction from life and art that I would like to stop thinking about it.

Life and art sounds like a purpose for me but is it enough to make up for the fact that no one reads what I write? Freedom sounds like a purpose too. It is ten O'Clock so I can sell alcohol.

I need help.

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