Friday, January 10, 2020

Hello Warudo!

I started this blog because I had nothing better to do. I have no idea what to write or to do with this blog. It's not like I like blogging but I have tried a whole lot of other things and they have all been so boring.

I am thinking of maybe writing an anime blog but that is boring too. A personal diary sort of website is out of the question too because the very reason I am writing this blog is because I am bored with my life.

I guess I could write a politics blog as if there weren't enough of those around already. Man why is everything so boring. I tried watching a few episodes of that railgun anime but it was so boring that I kept skipping and stopped at around episode seven. It's just a bunch of boring over-powered girls doing boring things. There is nothing else other than anime that remotely interests me so I guess that this is what this blog will be about.

This may be hard to believe but eventually I would like to eke a living out of this blog. I mean compared to most other jobs blogging doesn't suck.  Blogging is not that exciting either though.

I tried drawing and writing so that I may be able to create the stories that interest me but after having wasted so much time and bored myself with trying I have decided that creating fiction is just not for me. Criticism is a kind of creation too but it just doesn't satisfy my ego enough. Unfortunately doing anything boring is worse than satisfying my ego so here I am.

Into what category should I put this post under... This is one of the annoying things about blogging. When it comes to social media you just have to use whatever hashtag everyone is using and chip in with a quip of your on but with blogging I actually have to think of a subject to write about. Ah what a pain.

Also why does wordpress have tags and categories... so annoying... I will just use categories, It just feels weird to leave it under "uncategorised" so I just made a category called complaints. Unfortunately complaints is all I have got but this post doesn't really have a subject.

This is not the first time I have tried to start a blog. What happened every time I tried is that I would post a few thousand words everyday for a few weeks. No one would leave a single comment and by then my brain will have completely run dry.  I will go on a few days further in vain trying to recycle some old thrown away idea and the tedium of it all will make me question why I am even bothering. Finally I will try to distract myself with literally anything and the cycle repeats. There is no reason that it will not end up like that this time too.

I would like to tell you to leave a comment as motivation, my dear imaginary reader, but another thing I have noticed is that when people pay attention to my writing I am afraid I may be called out of all the nonsense that goes straight to the keyboard.

See I am already repeating myself grasping at straws for anything to write about.  500 words in. Have I have sacrificed enough neurons to the gods of blogging? Let me press that publish button.

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