Monday, January 13, 2020

Day Six of Truancy

I am hiding somewhere in the college like the criminal who has his hideout next to the police station - the least expected area. The time is 10:22am. There is a class going on here I hope they don't realize I am not supposed to be here. I am too old for this nonsense.

I felt like I had a whole lot to write about but now my head is empty. I don't have an headset so I can't watch anime. My nose is constantly blocked so now I have asthma after breathing from my mouth during the night. I hope that I look like I am doing some work as I write this. I just hope the college doesn't call my parents cause that is going to cause a lot of dorama.

I have stopped using the pentadactyl browser add-on because it makes my browser unusable on some sites. Also I can't figure out how to keep the default browser interface on a portable version of the pale moon browser. I have also stopped using habitica because it doesn't work with the pale moon browser. I guess this is the limit of a browser engine developed by just some guy. I found some userscripts which give me basic vim-like keybindings.

The latest few episodes of Ashita no Joe and that Owari anime have been interesting  but Joe is obviously the better anime. There is no reason that the cute girls in that Owari aniem should like the main character. If only I had my headset I could listen to the latest cigar stream by The Academic Agent. It seemed interesting.

Parcifal, the Christian fool, to protect his innocence the only way would be to kill everyone or at least just him.

Birmingham is a really ugly city. I wonder how this has affected the morale and virtue of the people who live there. It wasn't always an ugly place when I look at some old pictures it seemed that it was a good looking place.

Read the latest chapter of Valinquer the dragon web novel on Royal Road - feels like the author is running out of ideas. Well, it was fun while it lasted. The final volume of Oregairu is out apparently but I am going to wait for the anime to come out and then read all the novels.

According to duckduckgo, the privacy search engine gets 524 million views a month which is not bad but is still little compared to's 79 billion views. Plus that doesn't even include the other country specific domains like Even Microsoft's bing gets 930 million views which should make microsoft some change. The search results which bing give are similar but not the exactly the same to duckduckgo's because bing is one of their sources or so I have heard. Bing is not that bad really and the Duckduckgo is good for most things to me. When I rarely want to search google I use the !startpage bang. That said though I think most people use google because they use stuff like gmail and youtube which is just a few clicks away when you use google.

The target date for the final date of Mother of Learning is the 26th of January. I must admit that the story now is not as great as it used to be as all the mysteries are out. The villain and his motivations did not live up to the initial hype but who knows given that Nobody103 has taken all this time for this chapter maybe it can save the story by ending it on an interesting note. The protagonist, Zorian, in particular has finished growing and ceased to be relatable to the audience, well at least, to me he has ceased to be interesting and most people are mostly interested in themselves.

The main reason I use palemoon is because the portable version to it works exactly like the normal version. No emails from the college today. The day after tomorrow I have an exam for which I have not studied for because it is boring.

I have given up trying to enjoy gaming and to play MUDs(Multi User Dungeons) and MMORPGs. Video games feel too much like busywork to me. I like the culture and content around it but no matter how much I tried to get into video games I just end up feeling bored. For not too dissimilar reasons I dislike sports too. It is just the same thing over and over again and even when I am interested in the story of a video game the grind needed to get from one story portion to the next feels like busy work especially when I could just read and watch a story without interruption in a manga or anime.

Joe from Ashita no Joe is annoying but he is correct. Denpei wants to turn him into a fighting doll to fulfill his dream through someone else and that Ojousan just wants to feel morally superior by skimming at the top of her wealth as any philanthropist. And as Joe puts it her eyes are cold. I don't understand why Joe doesn't just blurt out what for he defrauded her out of that money for. This feels like it is something contrived to keep the melodrama on.

If only the public library was open today I wouldn't have to hide here and I could even watch some anime with the volume low.

I find the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality fanfic to be boring and tedious and wholly improbable. The characters are annoying too. Nevertheless the "Rational Fiction" subreddit is sometimes a good place to find interesting stories to read. The reason I say that HPMOR is improbable is for the same reason that is implausible in many Sherlock Holmes stories that Holmes just happens to have the knowledge needed to get a clue. Of course Holmes and Watson are both charming characters whereas in the few hundreds of pages I was able to go through of HPMOR I could find neither of those things.

I have never played Dungeon And Dragons or any table top games but I have read a few stories based on them. One of these stories I found on the rational fiction subreddit is called Worth the Candle. I stopped reading it when a feminist D&D player reared her ugly voice into the story but I may pick it up again. As with HPMOR but a lot less there is a strain of immature superiority complex running through this story but it is a lot less subdued.

I have tried watching a few dungeon and dragons sessions on youtube but every time I was bored by them. I have heard that Slayers or some other light novel was based on some table top game transcripts which got popular. I would really like to read them but I doubt I can find an English translation. The reason that I found these D and D sessions on youtube boring is that it felt a lot of the time that the game master was just creating busy work hoping that the characters would insert something fun but the players would just want to push things forward. I am going to try to watch another one of these someday. Hopefully one with less props and a lot of episodes.  Pale Moon crashed. Thank fully wordpress saved my post. I removed two extensions I was not using. Hopefully this will help. I wonder whether the fact that I am running this program through a pen drive is the reason that it crashed. I just searched for it ("duckduckgoed it" is just bad) and it seems that there are people who post transcripts of their D and D sessions that might be less tedious than watching it on youtube after all it is easier to read faster.

I was finally able to get the youtube notification button working in the pale moon browser thanks to a thread on the forum which said to go the about:config page and search for youtube and change the useragent string from Firefox 42 to 44. I tried to see if Habitica works but no it doesn't. Last time I asked about this from Habitica devs someone on github said it was something to do with node.js which Habitica used. It is is tweve O'Clock if I am not mistaken this means it is lunch time which means that students and instructors of my course are around. Let's hope they don't come here. If only that man with a woman's voice hadn't raised the curtain right next to me.

I see ThaAnimeSnob has made a scathing review of the boring chapters of the Worm webnovel. It was  about time someone talked down that trashy novel.  TAS charges 30 dollars to read a million words. Ah well if and when I get paid for my work at the shop I might pay him to review the light novels of Oregairu as I once almost got him to by translating his boring novel into Italian. I gave up a few chapters in though. It was just too boring just for a five minute video.

MMORPGs are just as boring as any other type of game when everyone is just playing solo. I mean at that point you may as well play a single player game. There are a few videos I would like to listen to but I have no headset.

I dropped the railgun anime it was too boring.

The Gutenburg wordpress editor sucks so I am using an add-on called "Disable Gutenburg" which will be supported after 2022 unlike the Classic Editor addon which might not be supported after 2022. I checked out the Classicpress wordpress fork which keeps the TinyMCE editor and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have caught up any steam. is down to 417 million views which I am surprised given all the nasty ads and banners that they have added to free websites and the removal of the "freshly pressed" curated article feed which rewarded good articles with more views and likes. Steemit is down to  7.72 million views. I am sad that I shilled so hard for it back in 2017. This is all the fault of the creators who just dumped a whole lot of their coins because their infrastructure was not sustainable. Another Hubpages goes down. The reason that Palemoon kept crashing is because I was running the copy through the school LAN network.

LBRY is not a viable alternative to youtube because it just doesn't get enough views. Bitchute might survive because it is catching all the banned people from youtube and so it has a viable niche. Coinmarketcap is blocked in college but thankfully Tor works. Unlike at the public library. 1 LBRY is 0.02 USD. I doubt that this going to take off. I could be wrong though who knows. Bitchute gets only 13million views but they have also received 16k USD in donations this month. I think that they will remain up. LBRY has only 489k views for now but it is still growing - their homepage though didn't have anything interesting.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's political strategist and chief advisor has a blog which just like mine nobody reads. I did however see it mentioned in the guardian and the economist so someone there must have read it. Apparently the is hiring. I posted a comment "lel I didn't expect you to have a blog" awaiting moderation. It is a blog but with a custom domain.

I am in some sort of special IT area with a few dozen computers not in the college library. The problem with the desktop computers there is that they have time limit which I still haven't figured out how to get around. The public library uses netloan which is easy to disable (just right click the taskbar, go to task manager and disable netloan). The problem there is that eventually some strange person will actually book a session and then a librarian would come and ask me how come I am still logged on. As I was avoiding college last week this happened to me three times but I didn't get caught phew. Two times it was on my own account and the third on some old fart who had forgotten to log out.

I am impressed that this website hasn't gone down yet given that it is hosted on a free webhost called 000webhost run by hostinger. I have removed the banners to get hostinger at the wordpress backend by using ublock origin and I have hidden that ugly ass "Powered by 000webhost" banner using the wordpress CSS editor. I wonder how long until I get caught. I am thinking of moving my site to blogger. It's true google might shut it down at any time but blogger is actually a bit popular with Indians and Brazillians and it serves as a sort of counterpart to youtube for those who want to use adsense for written content rather than videos. Frankly I also like how blogger knows what it is and doesn't try to be everything for everyone and end up nothing for no one by adding useless social media features. There are a few blogger blogs which get a lot of views but they have no connection to each other - their readerships are disconnected so there is less drama. If I am not yeeted out by 000webhost and the website is up 99% of the time then I may voluntarily add a discreet powered by 000webhost link to them.

Twitter still gets 4.52 billion views even though it looked like it was going to die a few years ago. So long as they cut down costs they don't seem to have anything which should challenge them in their niche of short updates to stuff. That useless website called which is the longform version of twitter has thankfully levelled off at 164 million views. I just hate websites with paywalls sorry not sorry. It is 13:14 so it may be safe to sneak off into the library. There is always some nepalese classmate who goes to the silent room so I always get caught which is why I am here in this IT suite thing rather than there. The desktops here don't have a time limit which is good but I feel too exposed. Before anything I want to eat a sandwich though. Actually four of them. Lucky for me there is a cafe thing in this building.

Whatever sympathy I had with the far right gab twiter alternative was gone when they started banning lolita prawnographic drawings. I was vindicated by the gab twitter account's idiotic twitter feed comments.

The reason that I am watching Ashita no Joe is because I am hoping for a romance between Joe and that uppity Ojousan. It may not happen and I dread the possibility that that little grill with the annoying voice grows up to become Joe's love interest. I could add a copyright notice at the bottom mainly so that in the future I can boast that I was there since 2020 to whatever year it is then but I think the monthly archive in the sidebar (or below this post on mobile).

I feel at the cusp of the smartphone era when the only smartphones around were the iphone and a few others web design was at its best... Now I feel trying to make things accessible to smartphone users we have a bunch of bloated apps and websites that have too much white space which makes them look empty and does not make use of a web page on larger screens. The solution to this is a responsive three column layout which looks like the back-end of a wordpress site or a webmail page but nobody uses that instead going for two columns which is fine for blogs and at worst just one column cramming the menu into some hamburger menu thing.

I believe that Flash dies this year. Flash was really slow back in the day but now it is okay but it is too late. This is enough for today.

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