Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Back to School

There was a cute girl in her early twenties or late teens (I suck at telling people's ages) at the bus stop this morning . She wore Nike shoes with short socks so her ankle were visible. There was a tattoo on the inner side of her pale ankle. She also had a small yellow carrier bag and slightly wavy light brown hair. Now I am not sure whether most would consider her to be pretty. For one she had not the large mammary glands with a force of gravity which attract the eyes of men.

I like fair skin especially on women. It is not a race thing. It may be a class thing but to me it is certainly a sexual thing or in other words it is beyond reason, good, and evil.

I want to be popular. Especially with the opposite sex. I don't want that girl to be disgusted as she would have been had I told her half of what I have told you .

I whizzed through a bunch of old wordpress themes and they looked infinitely better than most modern wordpress themes which are charmless out of the box.

Finished watching Ore wa Suki... The ending was inconclusive but there is an OVA on the way and I shall watch though my expectations are not that high. It is a pity that this anime got so little attention that it did - though far from good it had the seed of an idea and the effort on the part of those involved was very visible.  "A woman's privilege" those are always some very prescient words - today no more or less than ever. A red book of essays by Natsume Soseki made its appearance in the last arc. I liked Kokoro so I look to see  whether there are any translations of his essays online. I think "I am a cat" was also mentioned somewhere early on.

Goethe was a proto-otaku, an otaku before it was a thing. Everything is content and so content is everything. I have nothing left to live for but words. Yes, I am trying to sound dramatic. If I am to crawl onto other things it must be on a ladder of writing.

I am on ep 22 of Ashita no Joe. I like how Joe doesn't fawn over that privileged Yoko woman unlike his peers. I did not expect Joe to have rocks in his gloves. It is good that he had them but I don't like how it hints that Denpei also did something similar to get disqualified. Let's hope it is just a red herring. I did not find it convincing how all the slum people were happy when Joe got back. Speaking of the slums I wonder in what age this anime is set because I know that there were slums back during the early post war but I wonder how much later they got rid of the slums in Tokyo.

I got some homework to write some boring essay about some boring nonsense. This is why I am a truant. This free host has been remarkably not trash. Let's see how many more days it lasts. It was such a pain to get https working with cloudflare. Yeah I know that the evil ones at cloudflare shut down 8chan but it's like free real estate and it's not like they are going to pay attention to some small site like this. Just in case I am gonna back up my website daily. It is a pain. There probably is some automated way but the simplest way for me to export through the wordpress tools. There are a few plugins which do a more complete back up but when I tried to restore from their back up files it was too complicated and it didn't work in the end. I wonder if using cloudflare is going to reduce bandwidth use cause you know how free web hosts can be when it comes to bandwidth - even if I am literally the only one using this website they will say I am using too much bandwidth. Anyhoo my dad is coming to pick me up so I am going to leave it here today. I am writing this post from the college library. I am kind of dissapointed (why is dissapointed getting underlined in red, isn't it a proper word) that I wrote too little. The reason that dad is coming to pick me up is because he wants to get me to go to the shop where I can reply to some email in English for the water bill or something. Once I get back home I will do my homework and try to sneakily watch ashita no joe. If only I hadn't lost my headset it would have been easier. I am going to save the back ups in my pen drive.

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