Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The rabbits are normal now

I was finally able to feed the enchanted carrot to the demonic mother bunny. I just threw it into her burrow before it lost its enchantment like last time. A mist came from the hole and ever since then the demonic bunnies have stopped multiplying and are infact almost gone. I told this to the old woman who inturn told me that farmer brown has returned from the woods and might need someone for a small job. The gate to the barn used to be closed last time I checked.

When I got there a farmer, presumably the old farmer Brown was calling out to someone called Annie and asking her to be careful. From the tone I assume he was talking to his daugher.

I approached farmer Brown and striked a conversation.

"Baron von Krolock must be destroyed" started Farmer Brown. I guess that's what he wanted me to do. "You will need two things: garlic and grappling hook." Come to think of it that woman in the town did say to me something about a vampire. I guess the garlic makes sense but what about the grappling hook? "Krolock's castle is on a hill you will need to train your climbing skill if you have not already." explained farmer Brown. The farmer went on to explain that there are certain animals in the Sterling Woods and that I should cut their intestines and bring them to him. I didn't know you could make a grappling hook from intestines. I guess you learn something new everyday.

"Where are the Sterling Woods?" I asked him but he just sent me away. I guess I will try asking the old woman. She told me to go west and go across the river. Unfortunately there is no bridge so I will improve my swimming skills first. Improving both my swimming and climbing skills is going to cost a lot of coins....

With the coins I had left over from killing those demonic rabbits I was able to train my swimming skills upto the rank of a superior student. Apparently that is the highest level that I can train that skill at this Adventurer's guild. The coins were just enough to train my climbing skills to the rank of an expert amateur. This too seems to be the limit for that skill here.

I swam across the river to the Sterling Woods. The trees are tall so was dark, cool and wet. I could also hear the echo of animal calls. I headed further east only to be confronted by two wolves. Let's kill them and see if their intestines are any good. I killed one and the rest backed off but there is no hope of cutting the entrails of this thing with my bare hands also I am starting to get cold from swimming across the river. Unfortunately it looks like I will have to do this journey quite a few times.

Swimming is tiring and the woods are further away from the weapons shop. I am going to buy a sword. For now I will only buy a small knife because I can't properly wield a sword yet. I mean all I have fought against till now were just bunnies, demonic bunnies true enough but wolves are worse. Now that I have a knife let's kill another wolf. Killed it. Got the intestine. Brought it across the river. Having to take off all of my armour while swimming is a pain in the rear but otherwise I would sink. I showed the intestine to the old farmer Brown who proceeded to weave it into a rope. Well, a short rope. "You will need to weave more intestintes into rope" explained the old farmer "once you have got enough ropes bring them back to me."

Ah this looks like it is going to be tedious... but such is life. I tried attacking a wolf while wielding a knife and it was a disaster. I was a exhausted in no time. I really need to learn to wield some weapons. I am just going to rest by the river for few minutes.

A few hours later... I am still slightly tired but I cut an intestine and got two pelts from the corpses of two wolves. I believe I can sell these for more than the rabbit feet. On the other hand they are heavier though and I have to take them across the river too... I feel sore from all this work. I have seven intestines. Hopefully this will be enough. I laid down the intestines and painstackingly got them to form a rope of eighty feet. Let us hope this is enough. Before going to farmer Brown I decided to sell all my animal pelts (they are heavy) and to use that money to train some skill at the adventurer's guild. Probably a combat skill. The most straightforward seems to be sword practice so I got to get a sword too. The weapons shop is also close to the general shop so it should be fine.

The elft at the general store said that I have to sell these to the armourer next door. Ah well. I didn' get anywhere as near as I thought I would get. Only seven silver and a few hundred copper. Did I lose some pelts while swimming? This is starting to get annoying. Nothing seems to be going right... Farmer Brown told me that the rope is not long enough. That it should be at least a hundred feet. Well, it looks like I will have to cross the rive again.

I improved my sword skills to the rank of an amateur and then I ran out of money. Next time I sell some pelts I should probably buy a sword too. Now that I have got a rope a hundred feet long I hope the farmer does not send me to fetch something else. I met him. Next I have to find mountain lions to the west and cut one of their claws which should then attach to the rope as a hook.

Unfortunately a mudslide has washed away the road to the west. I looked around and found a tree stump. I pulled the tree stump to make sure it won't come off and tied my rope onto it. Next I slowly climbed down the rope. The road has become little more than a narrow path and infront of me there is what I assume to be a mountain lion. Well let us kill it. It took me a while to kill it but I did it. Now let us cut off its claws. Done that. I climbed up the rope once again and tried to untie it from the stump but the knot has become too tight so I cut it off but that made it too short so I need to head back to Sterling Woods in order to get one more intestine. I swam across the river. I also got a pelt from the wolf's corpse. I hope the pelt from the mountain lion brings in more coins than the wolf cause it is easier to get down that small cliff than swim across the river. At leaset I won't get wet. I attached the claw from the mountain lion to the rope. I will need two more claws to complete the grappling hook. I swam back across the river and climbed down the rope I had tied to the stump. I also got the pelt from the lion I had killed off earlier. I headed northwest. There is a cave but I had a feeling that I should avoid that for now and move north where I found another mountain lion this time with an animal skull. I killed, cut off a claw from the corpse, and attached that claw onto the rope. One more claw and this hook is ready. The path winds back south but no sign of any more mountain lions. I may go a bit further and then come back to check that cave if I can't find any mountain lions. I found one. I killed it. The grappling hook is finally over - now back to the farmer. But first I will sell the three pelts from the lions I killed. I got 6 silver and few copper coins. Not bad.

The old farmer brown was muttering about something when I got in but I just ignored it and showed him my grappling hook. Apparently what he was muttering about was that he had lost the garlic he had gone to get from the woods. "I should have brought a backpack" he said. "Bring me a clove." Ah I am tired of fetching stuff and swimming but first I will need to get a backpack myself so my clove too does not get lost in the river.

I could see why the old farmer was annoyed. Finding this clove is going to take a while and the wolves are a bother too. I bought a backpack for 1 gold and 5 silver. That was expensive. I trained my herbalism skill to the rank of an eminent student before running out of coins guessing that it might have something to do with finding cloves in the woods.

I found a silver leaf which if I remember my lessons correctly is a type of leaf which heals fatigue. I found a clove a few minutes later and put into my bag making sure that it was closed properly.

I showed the clove to farmer Brown who asked Wilbur, a farmhand, to plant in the fields with a instant growth formula. I got five gold coins for all my troubles which I guess was worth it. Now let use see if I can get the garlic from the field. After looking for sometime I was able to find where the garlic was planted. I better put the garlic in my backpack so I don't lose it.

I decided to use the money I got to train some skill. At the adventurer's guild I was not sure about which one I should train so I went to thief skills trainer to see what they had. The only skill I could learn there is to sneak which would mean that others would have to have a higher awareness in order to see me.. It sounds useful but I have not got the money to do that. Specifically I wanted to see whether climbing was a skill that I could learn at all so that using the grappling hook would be easier. There was no training for climbing at the adventurer's guild so I further improved my sword skills. I also met the magic trainer and found out that they offer training in spell craft. Unfortunately from what I gather I won't learn any ranged magic attacks here. I need to get my own sword. I probably have enough money left. I probably should have gotten my own sword first but without training my sword skills first the sword would have been useless anyway. Someone had dropped many silver coins and I kind of feel bad for it but I took those coins. Well, the reason that they dropped their coins was probably because they had too many coins in their pockets. I feel the urge to buy another sword and dual wield but it costs money... I bought it anyway and it was a waste of money as the steel longsword I bought requires both hands. The greedy shop keeper gave me back only a quarter of the money in exchange for the sword. I was thinking of buying a shield but that seems not an option as well.

I exchanged my small coins for larger coins in order to save space and reduce weight. I feel much lighter. All that it is left to is to kill that Baron. Though I doubt it is as easy as that. I followed the path west down the hills only to be met with a tall cliff. This is where I needed the grapling hook, I see. It was not easy and by the time I was up I was extremely tired but before I could even catch my breath I could not help but notice the huge infront of my eyes sitting on a plateau surrounded by mountains. How do you even get here without a grappling hook? Oh I forgot that the Baron was a vampire. He can probably turn into a bat. Makes sense.

I head into the castle. I can hear footsteps. There is a guard. A demonic guard. Like those damned rabbits his eyes are red and his skin is pitch black. I killed him without too much difficulty but it didn't notice me until I attacked it so it couldn't fight back that much. I looted its weapons and armour. They are heavy and stink but I bet they can bring in more than those pelts I sold earlier.

"FOOL HOW DARE YOU TRESPASS" said a booming voice. Probably the vampire. I hope he doesn't plan to play hide and seek. I move forward into a hall way which lead to two hallways. I take the right hallway. There are two demonic guards.  One of the guards hisses and runs towards me whereas the other doesn't seem to care. I killed one though I got a few scratches and bruises. Loot and repeat.

I walke forward down the hallway. The walls were full of creepy paintings of demonic rituals but the cratftmanship with which they have been made looks fine. Another guard. More loot for me. I feel a bit tired now. Maybe I should take a moment to catch my breath. To the west the hallway narrows. I get a creepy feeling that way so that's where I went. Two more guards. Killed them. Looted them.

I move further in.


The voice seemed to come from the direction down a set of stairs but unfortunately it seems I have lost my lamp. I guess it is time for me to go back, sell my loot and buy a lamp or a torch again. This time I will put it in my backpack so I won't loose it hopefully.

Two demonic guards block my way backwards. More loot for me.

I finally got back to the shop and sold all the demonic weapons for over 200 silver coins. Good things do happen. I got quite a few coins by selling armour but I was too tired to check. My body hurts but I need to train. I improved my skills to the level of superior amateur and the combat trainer tells me I can't improve it any further here. Next I should probably train defence. I improved my defence to the rank of superior amateur but I can't improve that skill anymore here. Maybe next I should look at some non-combat skill.

After having a look around, most general training skills were related to trading and appraising objects which doesn't seem so important now. Spellcasting is interesting but if I can't use ranged attacks then it doesn't seem to be any different than normal combat. The combat skills all required some other weapon than a sword so for now I am not interested. What all this left was a sneak skill from the thief trainer. This could be useful in a pinch.

I trained my sneaking to the rank of a superior student and the trainer told me I will have to go elsewhere for more training. I still have a few coins left so I will use them to train spellcraft as magic sounds exciting. I have no idea how to cast any spell but apparently the training I was given will help me. At any rate I am an apprentice student in spellcrafting by rank anyway. Herbs are free and some of them can even help me recover from fatigue so I am going to try to learn that skill given that I can't improve my spellcrafting any further here. There too I can only go upto superior student at this guild. I doubt I have much money left but I will keep spending.

Next I improved my trading to the rank of superior student. The highest rank available at this adventurer's guild. This will help me get better prices when selling and buying. I raised my ability to appraise an opponent to the rank of apprentice student but that's as far as it can go here.

I improved my ability to appraise objects to the rank of apprentice student. That's as far as it goes. It is a miracle I haven't run out of coins yet. I raised my ability to appraise value to the rank of an apprentice student. That leaves only the combat skills club, axe, knife. Knives are cheap so I will start with them. I trained to the level of superior student and ran out of money. I am going to deposit the six silver coins and and few copper coins because I think it is better if I have some money stored away.

Clearly I am tired as I got almost all the way to the cliff and I forgot that I did not have a lamp or torch with me.

The bright cheerful hobit at the shop says "You never know when you will need a torch or a lamp!"

I got to the shop without the money to pay for the torch. I feel tempted to get the money from the bank but I will just kill a few rabbits and sell those instead. Whether demonic or not these rabbits are ruining the harvest for farmer Brown. Four dead white fluffy bunnies later. I think this should be enough to pay for the torch. I was wrong. Back to killing rabbits. This time I will kill the jackrabbits. Maybe they will fetch more. It worked now I have a torch... Wait let me check my bag... Don't tell me that I left the lamp in the bag so I wouldn't lose it. Thank goodness it did not.

The climb to the vampire castle is as exhausing as usual...I haven't recovered completely but let's kill a guard and loot everything. The vampire shouts something again. Killed more two guards. Looted more stuff. The demonic guard battered my head with morningstar and it kind of hurt a lot. I feel sore but at least that makes me a sore winner. Oh Gods forgive me for making such a bad pun. Ah well maybe if I kill that vampire I will be forgiven. I ran out of strength after re-killing the guards I had already killed but the broadleaf restored my health.

I light the wooden torch and go down the stairs. Let us see what is there. It is a dungeon. There are skeletons in chains. Not good. There is a statue of the Baron hatefully glaring at me. What did I do? I haven't done anything yet. Anyway there is nothing here.... I went back up and extinguished the torch. What do I do? It looks like I can go north. Maybe there is a lever or something. There is a massive demonic guard blocking my way. Okay I am going to kill him first. The scalemail protected him from my sword for a while but I got its head. I move north into -

"LEAVE MY PERSONAL CHAMBERS AT ONCE!" says a booming voice. If he doesn't want me here why doesn't he just come out and make me leave.  There is a coffin. Let's open it. A strange force prevents me from getting to the coffin. What was that about? Magic. Makes sense. There is a drawer let's open that. All that there is inside is a key. How dissapointing. Where are the goodies?

"WRETCHED FOOL RETURNED! RETURN WHAT YOU HAVE STOLEN!" At least it doesn't seem to be useless. We have got to be happy with the things we are given in life. I move south down another hall. Another demonic guard. I almost feel like asking it for all its armour and weapons but it is too dumb to understand me and at any rate killing is fun to be honest. Oops it cut my leg. That hurt. The greaves were not enough sigh. I am suffering but I got a lot of loot. I get into the room the guard was err.. guarding.

"GET OUT OF MY STUDY, OR YOU SHALL BE SKINNED ALIVE!" Scary. What is wrong with vampires these days? Whatever happened to just drinking people's blood?

Among other uninteresting things there is a safe. I have a key. How could this possibly go? I unlocked the safe using the large key. I pull open the safe. Inside there is a stone fragment of some kind. I am not saying that that is dissapointing but I kind of am. I will leave it alone for now.  I look around to see a table, on top of which there is a an open book. A diary. In one log he describes how he sent the demonic bunnies to destroy the garlic crop at farmer brown's farm. Garlic it seem is the only thing he fears. I have no idea what to do next. For some reason, probably magic I can't even take that stone fragment from the safe. I went down once again to see if anything had changed. Nothing. I hate puzzles.  Maybe I will come later. I feel tired to be honest.

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