Friday, November 8, 2019

The Orcs Might Have Summoned a Demon

Well to be more clear an half-elf half-orc has gotten in control of a Orc village. They have been kidnapping women and children from Sparkle and then from the Elves. The Elves pushed them out so they are back to harrasing. The brother of the half-elf-orc is in Sparkle. I was able to find all this by reading the diary on the third floor of the Orc dungeon. It was a real pain to get there and some magic prevents from going any lower than the third level. I found the brother, Karkadelt, he has set up an enchanter's shop in Sparkle. I found out more in that diary... I didn't even know that there were Orc priests trained in magic but this is all work of that half-elf, half-elf. Incidentally Karadelt didn't tell me that it was his brother though I can see why. Both his mother and sister were killed by that brother of his.

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