Monday, November 4, 2019

Killing more bunnies

I killed a bunny got it's foot and now I am onto to the next bunny. They are demonic bunnies with evil red eyes and black fur. Man this field is filled with demonic bunnies. I passed a stoic looking human on the way to the north. I am goint to try to get to the hen house again and now that my awareness is somewhat adequate. Another demonic rabbit is dead. It looks like my grinding paid off. I am moving across the western corner of the field. Four demonic rabbits dashed in front of me. I am going to kill another one. Two rabbits left. One rabbit left. I looted their corpses. I finally move north and a few yards latter I come across a bunch a bunch of jack rabbits. I am on a roll. They are all dead and I am still alert. Four more jack rabbits later.... I am tired... Okay I will sell the stuff I have got and train again. I trained once and I don't have enough money to train again. I am going to get a break first.

I changed the silver coins to gold coins cause they were too heavy. The bank charges for it but it is worth it. Back to the fields. Some other guy is killing all the rabbits. I have no idea what is going on. There are dead rabbits everywhere but no sign of the mother rabbit. I introduced myself to the man who has killed all these rabbits but after asking my name he just ignored me. I passed him and finally got back to the hen house. I killed six rabbits and by the time I finished six more barged into the hen house. The smell is just as unbearable as last time. One more demonic rabbit came into the hen house. Killed three of them. Four more to go. The training certainly helped. I killed all seven and moved southwest. The rabbits won't allow me to go back maybe there is something but I am starting to get tired again. I am tired again so I will need to go and rest in the inn or maybe the tent in the forest. First of I sold my loot to train. I got 64 silver and 318 copper coins. Why can't the shop pay me in gold coins? It would weigh a lot less. Before I forgot about it again I headed west to the weapons shop and got some greaves to protect my legs.

I improved my unarmed combat to the level of eminent amateur and then I ran out of money. Back to grinding in the fields I guess. I am going to deposit my coins in the bank in case I die.

I am back in the fields hunting demonic bunnies. I wish I had some strategy rather than just grinding but ah well. Ah why do we live just to grind? Hissing and vomiting blood. That is all they seem to be doing. The rabbits don't try to block me from going into the henhouse any more.

Ideally I wouldn't want to join any guild as I hate commitments but it seems that in order to get skills I need to do so... Life is hard... Without skills I can't make any money. The rabbits get more violent as I move south west from the hen house. Suspicious. The greaves I bought have saved my legs several times though I wonder how durable they are. I have examined the ground several times but it is soft everywhere as there used to be crops everywhere.

I moved back north east because that seems to be where the vermin don't want to be. I have got so many rabbit feet that I have looted that I can't carry them anymore. I feel tempted to go back and sell them first. There was a large hole in the ground with marks of claws. How come I didn't notice it until now? As I approached the hole the rabbits all around surrounded me. There are 1,2,3...6 demonic jackrabbits. This is going to wear me out. I killed them all. I lighted and threw a torch down the whole and the thrice damned rabbit threw it back at me. I threw down the carrot I enchanted from the farm old woman but apparently it was no longer the

I sold the demonic feet  at the shop and used the coins to train my unarmed combat skill to the level of a superior amateur. I met the old woman and she said that if I got another carrot she would enchant it for me. Next time I should go and feed that carrot before it looses its enchantment...

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