Sunday, November 3, 2019

Killed a bunch of demonic bunnies

These demonic bunnies are so strong...  It is going to take a while for me to get that carrot for the old woman at the farm. Man I wish that I was stronger but that would take grinding and I hate hard work. That said though there are too many bunnies. Maybe it would be easier if I had some kind of weapon but first I want to train my unarmed combat skill sufficiently high.

On the flipside I think I am going to make a quite a bit of money from all the rabbit foot I have gotten. I have been looking for this damned carrot for hours now those damned demonic rabbits have ravaged the entire farm.

Every step I take forward is beset by these creatures. Now I have gotten almost halfway through the farm but the deeper I go the bigger these demonic bunnies get. Ah damn it all I am too tired. First I will sell all these rabbit feet which are an annoying weight and then train myself with a trainer. Yes, of course this means that I will have to go through these damned bunnies again but hopefully it will be a bit faster once I have gone through all my money. Speaking of which  what the hell does the shop I sell the bunny feet to do with them? I wonder if I could craft something myself. That would be more interesting than this!

I got a 105 silver and 262 copper. Not bad. I know I should use this money to train myself but the armour store is just next door so I will splurge a bit. I bought a studded-leather helm, a sturdy wooden shield, a leather vest, a pair of studded bracers. Now I am only left with ten silver coins and a few copper coins I am not bothered to count. I guess it is back to killing demonic bunnies to get that damned carrot.

I got some mail at the post office. I was wondering whether the magic glowing map worked everywhere. Apparently not. Well, at least I won't get lost for now.

Back to killing the damn bunnies I guess. Well, I could go to the bank and deposit the few coins I have as they are unnecessary weight. I was able to find some radish in the fields but I am not sure what to do with that. I finally found the god damned carrot field. Now back to the old woman at the farm.

The old woman put the carrot into some broth with some herbs and apparently I have to feed to the mother bunny but I have no idea how to do this. Ah sometimes life feels like such a chore.

Ah well back to the field murdering some damned demonic rabbits. Did I say that these rabbits have such creepy red eyes? HA the armour seems to be working I guess that guy trying to sell them wasn't bullshitting me.

Rather than mindlessly killing these rabbits I should try to find the mother bunny. The rabbits only snarl at me if I am trying to head towards the hen house so I think I have an idea where this demonic mother bunny is. Two dead now I am onto the third one. Dammit killed the last one but because my feet are unprotected by armour they bit my foot.

It is getting a bit dark so in a way it is good that the rabbits keep getting bigger because they would be hard to see given how completely black their fur is. Then again their creepy red eyes glow in the dark. Dammit I am killing the sixth one and it just vomited some blood as it died. Disgusting little vermin.

Five demonic jack rabbits. Maybe I should head back and sell all the bunny feet I have in my inventory and use that money to upgrade my unarmed combat skills. But I am too lazy to go back into town.

There are only a bunch of demonic baby bunnies in the hen house. Maybe if I kill the babies the mother will show up. Seven baby bunnies. One dead. Six more. Man this place sucks.. There are rabbit droppings everywhere... Only one baby bunny left. I killed it and yet there is no sign of the mother bunny. One of the baby bunnies tried to dig underground, but when I peeked under the filthy floorboards there was nothing.

When I tried to move back towards the fields the jackrabbits snarled at me so maybe the mother bunny escaped from underground in that direction? Damnit there are three demonic jackrabbits. There just isn't an end to this nonsense is there?

Ah now I am starting to get tired again and I doubt that I can deal with this nonsense unless I am in full health. Maybe I should head back to town to rest and train at the inn. For some reason all the trainers work on the upper floors of the inn. Though I heard that the Silverdell guild has their own trainers.

Four more demonic jack rabbits sprang out as soon as I took a few more steps south west. And I am only somewhat alert. If only I had some potion or herbs or something so that I could heal faster. Ah well whatever let's kill another one. Now I am starting to feel weary. The demonic rabbit spills some blood on the floor.  I feel slightly weary but whatever I will kill another one. Now I just feel tired and there are still two left. I feel too exhausted to fight again for a moment but it isn't safe to rest here either. Ah I guess I run back to the town to rest then. I also need to sell this loot. I got 85 silver coins and 267 copper coins. The copper coins are heavy but I would rather spend them because I bet the money changers charge to exchange the copper to silver. Should I buy a sword? No, it is tempting but first I got to use this money to train my unarmed combat skills given that if I lose all my weapons I need to still be strong.

Actually I was wrong the trainers were not at the inn but on the first floor of the adventurer's guild. The combat trainer there was a thin quick looking female elf. I introduced myself and she said her name was Sera Murr. She explained that although unarmed does less damage in a pinch when a weapon is not at hand it is useful.

I trained my unarmed combat skill to the level of rank amateur and then I ran out of money to train further. I still have six copper coins and six silver coins but the lessons gets more expensive the more you learn. The first lesson cost me only 1 copper but now my next unarmed combat lesson costs 1 Gold 11 Silver and 8 Copper.

After some rest I headed back to the fields to the north and my combat skills have certainly improved though I am not sure whether that is enough. Ah how fast do these rabbits spawn all the rabbits I had killed are back! I guess the old woman at the farm was right when she said that this was the work of some magic. My body feels sore from all the training so maybe I haven't recovered entirely.

A squinty eyed dwarf is killing these damned rabbits too. I tried to introduce myself to this dwarf earlier but he ignored me. The fighting is certainly faster now that I have trained. I think I may have jinxed it as one of the bigger rabbits dashed in front of me out of nowhere and bit my hand.

A petite adolescent elf planted a garlic and just left. I wonder what she is up to. A demonic rabbit bit me but my vest protected me. The squinty eyed dwarf is killing some bunnies too which helps me though I got distracted and forgot to get the bunny feet from the corpses.

I feel like something is missing. Perhaps if I trained my awareness skill I could feel it... I mean there are seven demonic bunnies here now and till now there have never been that many. Five more demonic rabbits left... I can't help but feel that I am missing something here. I should go back and ask my trainer about the awareness skill. I am too exhausted to do anything though that is the problem.

The dwarf protected his legs with a pair of studded greaves. Maybe I should ask for those at the armour shops as the state of my legs is not particularly pretty now. I am totally exhausted and there are still two jackrabbits left maybe I should just leave it to the squinty eyed dwarf and come back later with a little bit of life back in my body. I feel very tired but I decide to try and kill another one.

There is only one left but I just feel too breathless to continue... The squinty eyed dwarf left north east. The demonic jackrabbit digged the ground as if looking for something. Whatever it is I must stop it so I immediately attacked it. Still not a sign of the damned mother rabbit. Well let's go to sell this loot at the general store.

At the shop keeper's advise "You never know when you will need a torch or a lamp" I bought a torch. I hope it is going to be useful. It cost me 82 copper coins. I wonder how much money I have got left. I mean I killed a lot of stuff and sold their feet. Let me count.... Oh man I feel so stupid why does it take me so long to count a bunch of coins. Let me start again 1....3.....5..25......45...64...65....78... Oh god this is tedious why do I even bother?... 119....130.....140.....145.....146 copper coins...Now let me count the silver. Five minutes later. 45 coins. That was really boring but there does not seem a marked increase after my training though I must admit I was faster this time.

I asked Sera about awareness training but apparently that isn't a skill that she teaches. Sera sent to the adjacent room to the right where some strong looking dwarf calling himself a general skills trainer will train me. I wonder what the difference is. I raised my awareness skill to the level of a "superior student" and then I was told I can't raise that skill anymore here apparently. Ah well at least I may have some money left to train train my unarmed combat skills. Let me check.

I improved my ability of unarmed combat to the level of confident amateur but then I ran out of money to train anymore. I could train another skill with the money I left so I asked for a list of skillsand the only other one which does not require weapons was defense so I trained that. I improved my ability to the level of expert student and then ran out of money. I have six copper coins and two silver coins. I think I will deposit them in the bank. I have 1 gold in the bank though I have no idea how that got there. I forgot to buy the greaves I guess I will do that next time. It's time to kill bunnies again. Or is it? This is enough for today.

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