Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I killed the vampire

I killed the vampire but the offer he offered me was tempting especially with all those annoying tasks the mayor and the farmer were asking of me. In the end though I reluctantly decided to do what is good. If he hadn't threatened to kill everyone I would have left him alive. The vampire seemed like a nice chap.

Later that day I left the patrol guild and entered the portal. Lars appeared before me for a moment but then he was gone. I joined the mercenary guild as it was the first guild other than the adventurer's guild which I found.

At the adventurer's guild there were a bunch of trainers just like in Silverdell. I believe the city I am in now is called Sparkle but I am not sure. A little dog steered made me read notice by a man called Carlsan who has some odd jobs he would like me to do. Aw shit here we go again. Well, I need money.

It was extremely hard to find where the hell that fragment went but it was very satisfying once I figured it out. I have a purple leathered sword with which I was able to kill that damned gigantic mountain lion too. After getting to the city across the portal I spent most of my coins training at the adventurer's guild.

The rules of the free mercenary guild as the name implies are quite free. This would normally be good but to be honest I would rather prefer to depend on someone else cause it's less thinking. I don't mind work just thinking (i.e. running around like a headless chicken) with no idea what to do. It is late well at least I have somewhere to sleep. I can worry tomorrow.

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