Thursday, November 7, 2019

Doing oddjobs and joining the academy

Carlsan, some cheerful town crier always standing around the town centre gave five gold coins for going around and rating the signs in town by readability and attractiveness. After I gave him my scores I was shown the averages. And most seem to agree that the Library has the best sign. He gave me one more gold coin for bringing him some creaned oats from the inn run by an elf. Next he gave me another coin for bringing him a special brew from the tavern around the docks. Apparently Carlsan doesn't like the Elvish stuff. I feel more experienced now that I have a better idea about what is in the town.

The next oddjob Carlsan gave me was to scrub all the signs at the docks with the brush he handed me. Five more gold coins for that. The next thing I was asked to do was to go to the Tower of Realms and dust off all the quest  orbs. I was given a feather duster to do this. I minized my coins from the bank.

The Tower of Realms rises almost out of view. I got five coins. Actually I couldn't remove the dust from all the orbs as the one on the top floor kept getting covered in dust as if it were cursed. I didn't say any of this to Carlsan.

The next task was to get a form signed by some academy in the lands of Calia, in the city of Gelan.I bought a ticket and boarded a ship to Calia. The journey was fine though some water kept splashing on the deck after the wind caught up. The ship left me somewhere south of Gelan but after a bit of roaming around I found out  where it was.

I got a signature from the founder of the cadets, Xorfin. I also got the signature from the headmistress of the Gelan Academy. Both of them asked to join. First I joined the academy. The only rule was not to kill any student or guards or people of Gelan as it made the Academy look bad. This suited me fine. Oops it seems like I can't join as long as I am part of the free merchenary guild or for that matter any guild. Let's see if Xorfin says the same. He said the same. I guess I will have to leave the merchenary guild first. Ah well I only joined them on a whim. I need to submit this form to Carlsan first anyway. I missed the ship back to Sparkle and now I have to wait. Got on the next ship.

I got ten coins for that journey which more than covered my costs. Carlsan stressed how the academy was a good place for beginners like me so next I headed to the mercenary guild to leave it. I crossed off my name from the register and handed back in the merchenary guild's insignia.

I boarded the next ship to Calia. There were a few lound crashes as the waves hit the hull so I headed down. I enrolled myself into the Academy of the Elemental Arts. Xania gave me a scrollcase and told me to read over these scrolls carefully. She also thaught me my first spell namastomo which uses up one silver coin and allows me to send messages to fellow Academics.

Carlsan said that he had other jobs for me but with the money I have made I think I can afford to stay here in Gelan at least until I get a hang of the Academy. I spent the next few days learning the language as I had trouble reading some things. I think I am running out of money again though. Maybe it is time to meet Carlsan again>

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