RPI MUDs are where dramas at

The RPI (roleplay intesive) MUDs are still overflowing with drama and toxicity though. The wizzies on RPI’s have a more hands on approach so this leads to endless drama by players who don’t think they have been treated fairly or about players who the MUD’s owners have a preference over others. Many of the threads which have got the most comments on r/mud are about this sort of drama.

I am just an hack and slash mudder though and so the MUDs I play tend to be less full of drama because the systems which are coded in are more fair than what the wizards of a MUD tend to think about specific players in their games.

Basically in RPI’s those who run the game tend to run it more like a Game Master would in DnD, this works for table-tops because it’s just a few players but when the number of players increases it is inevitable that some players will feel excluded from the plots which invariably will centre around the players favoured by the MUD’s owners. I could give some examples of drama full MUDs but honestly it would be kind of rude and invariably based on rumours as I don’t play RPIs so I will abstain from giving specific examples.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have drama. In many ways it is what keeps a community alive and kicking.

Talking with Chinese Nationalists

Sometimes I wish the west was a bit more arrogant like Mr. Xi is rather than constantly apologizing for its achievements but then I come across specimens of pig headed nationalism not just from China but from Japan too and I am no longer sure if I want that sort of thing here.

Well the KMT wanted to prevent the CCP from stealing that gold reasonably enough. Also the Taiwanese economy still kept growing after the dictatorship was gone though it is true that it was the KMT’s dictartorship that kickstarted it. The good thing about rightwing dictatorship that depend on one man is that they eventually go away once they have served their purpose. The same happened in Spain and in Chile. Mao on the other hand sadly did not die after unifying mainland China and having served his purpose.

The Chinese leadership before the century of humiliation was pretty arrogant too so were the Japanese at the height of their empire.

Western media is more often pro-China than you think. Also the leaders of the CCP still believe in Marxist-Leninism so it still matters enough for them. Whatever the reason the US government has for supporting Taiwan it is not wrong to do so. Also as you may already be aware many countries close to China including even one party communist party Vietnam do not particularly like China’s increase of influence in the region especially due to the CCP’s ludicrous territorial claims and so welcome the US’s presence in the region. Recently the CCP got into trouble even with India suggesting that it’s more like the CCP wants a piece of everyone else’s territory rather than the US wanting to partition China or some nonsense.

The CCP is no position to be considered the defender of Chinese tradition after the Great Leap Backwards and the Cultural Devolution. Also could you please explain to me what a party based on the philosophy of a German like Marx, and a Russian like Lenin has anything to do with traditional Chinese culture? Make no mistake Mr. Xi and his faction are still followers of Marxist-Leninism over any kind of traditional Chinese culture.

The century of humiliation was the natural result of centuries of baseless arrogance by the Chinese leadership. The Japanese who were not so arrogant copied the west and then got too arrogant too. It appears like Mr. Xi’s faction in the CCP is intent on repeating history. It is rather telling that no regard to the self-determination of the people in Taiwan is given. It would be easier to convince the hearts and minds of those who live in Taiwan to be ruled by the CCP by not threatening the people who live in Taiwan with annihilation if they make the wrong choice. The failure of the CCP to keep their promise at the handover of Hong Kong that they would not interfere with HK’s free jury courts of common law and democratic elections for a set period of time is not very convincing either. In light of decreasing economic growth the CCP is turning to pig headed nationalism as a means to secure loyalty from the people it rules. Stirring up trouble with some Japanese fish boat over some disputed rock is the latest act in this farce.

The Chinese government had no qualms about interfering in internal affairs in Tibet and effectively turning Tibetans into a minority in their own lands. As for Taiwan what matters is the democratic will of the people in Taiwan. If the CCP ignores this then it is simple imperialism on the part of the CCP government just like in Tibet.

Do you know that the Korean civil war has not ended? Do you know why? China.

Tell that to the Tibetans who have become a minority in their own land. Or the North Koreans who live in a Chinese supported dictatorship and whenever they try to escape to the South if they get caught by Chinese authorities they are sent back to North Korea even though Chinese authorities know they will be sent into forced labour camps in North Korea.

It is true that Europeans have done great damage to China by introducing the European moral syphilis that is Communism to China. And Europe should apologise to China and the Chinese for bringing Communism to them.

However it was trade with Europeans and Americans which improved the lives of Chinese people. President Nixon did not have to open up trade with China during the Cold War but he chose to in the hopes that China would abandon its commie ways and many American and European companies set up industries in China. Chinese entrepreneurs copied many western products and sold them back to the west sometimes even stealing intellectual property but it was deemed a necessary evil so that China could stop being a communist dictatorship. If the Americans wanted to they could have at any time prevented this trade on their side and by blockading Chinese ports but they chose not to do so in the hopes that China would change for the better.

Deng is not perfect for what he did at Tienanmen square but he did copy many of the west’s ways and so saved many Chinese lives. Mr. Xi however is not responsible for any of this growth in fact Mr. Xi’s top-down economic policies have severely damaged China’s fiscal situation, property markets, construction and even managed to put a dent in China’s exports.
You can compare Trump to Xi all you like. All I am saying , if you can hear me above your lamentations of righteous indignation, is that it is an apples to oranges comparison because they do not have the same powers in their respective roles in government. I hope (in vain) that’s not too hard to understand.
Furthermore Mr. Trump is not my president, I am not an American and did not vote for him, you can say whatever it is you wish about him, I will only correct you if you are wrong, but I don’t understand why whatever happens in Washington or in the White House should be the yardstick to measure China’s leadership.
If the American president engages in some foolish behaviour then it does not follow that it is right for China’s leaders to engage in the same foolish behaviour by following his example and emulating him.

Not all of us are Americans. Some of us are Europeans and let me assure you Mr. Trump is not liked here in Europe and our leaders in Europe as lousy as they may be are not low class like him. Also unlike Mr. Xi, Trump is on a tight leash and is not leader for as long as he likes – at most it will be four more years. Don’t worry the leftwing American Congress will prevent Trump from hurting China too. He may be arrogant but he is often mocked in the west whereas in the eyes of the Chinese people Mr. Xi’s arrogance is not seen in a negative light because there is no free press in China. Also I would add that Mr. Trump was not democratically elected but elected by a small group of people called the electoral college, Trump actually lost the popular vote which I imagine you would know as you imply to know a thing or two about America. As for the CCP-virus we all know who we have to blame for it. The central government may have shifted the blame to the local government in Wuhan but they are equally culpable and yet no one in Mr. Xi’s inner party circle can be fired from their post as it would imply culpability and blame. Mr. Trump may be arrogant but he was not arrogant enough to change the constitution so that he could remain in power as Mr. Xi. The reason for the term limits in China was a very sound one. Not even the CCP wanted another Mao. Now of course Xi is no Mao, that takes a special kind of bad but Xi has put China on even more unstable ground than that buffoon than Trump has put America in. In four years if not a few weeks Mr. Trump will be gone and there will be a replacement for him but Mr. Xi has hoarded all the keys of power in the party so he cannot be replaced as easily. In Russia, the ex-KGB thug Putin faces a similar issue to Mr. Xi as Putin too changed the Russian constitution as Xi did to stay in power. Putin however has the advantage of being a democratically elected leader so he has decided give his powers back to the Democratic Parliament of Russia so that no one will ever have the sweeping powers that Mr. Putin had. China has no equivalent to the Russian parlian to whom Mr. Xi can pass his powers when he retires. The National People’s Congress is a rubber stamp assembly which will clap like seals and put their seal of approval on anything Xi or whoever follows after Xi’s retirement/death puts forward and the politburo has been slowly cleansed of any dissenting views out of fear of targetted “corruption” trials . The bottom line is it is ludicrous to compare the American president to the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s Poliburo because the US president’s powers are exremely more limited by the US Constitution than Mr. Xi’s powers in are as set in Chinese Communist Party’s Constitution (there is also a constitution for the People’s Republic of China (as opposed to the Party’s constitution) but that is a meaningless piece of paper every leader gets to write their feelings and wishes in like a class Christmas card but what matters is the Party’s constitution and Mr. Xi has done most likely irreparable damage to that document and so to China. Whatever Trump has done for the worse (or for the better) can be undone by Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and whatever president comes after Trump. Nor was Trump arrogant enough to send members his opposing faction to prison as Mr. Xi did under the guise of corruption trials which strangely have a tendency of prosecuting mostly those in opposition to Mr. Xi’s faction.

” When you keep using discriminatory words, it’s already decided that you’re not much more virtuous.

No matter how much a person of bad character criticizes others, he is only trying to justify his own weakness. “
Ad Hominem and also a platitude. Also you have not specified which so-called “discriminatory words” triggered your sensibilities nor indicated which post your reply even is to.

I have conducted myself in a civil manner in my responses thus far considering the continuous barrage of stereotyping through baseless insinuations of my supposed ignorance based on my nationality/race and the countless condescending passive aggressive rhetorical questions trying to talk down to me as if I were a child. I did not ingratiate myself with you by pretending I thought you had a point but I would have thought you paid me no such considerations either and neither should you have had to of course so I do not see where this sense of being done wrong is coming from. You talk as if I have questioned a man’s lifelong religious faith bluntly in an inappropriate moment like when he is on his death bed.

The reason it seems like I have a lot to say is because I try to respond to every point you make (though you may not like what I have to say) whereas you pick and choose what to respond to from what I have said. I also didn’t respond to things I agreed with because I do not see the point. Well, if I sound like a teacher to you then to me you sound like a priest, it feels like I am debating someone about their religious dogma. I have argued like this with Japanese, Zimbabwean and Indian nationalists too and you remarkably all sound the same sometimes. What makes it different of course is that rather than just loyalty to a nation it is also loyalty to a party in this case. If you are still worried on my behalf that I am expending too much effort on responding to you then fear not, remember this is a public forum (banned by the CCP by the way) so others might see what we both have said. Nothing wrong if they learn a thing or two, at least it may spark their curiosity to look some stuff up on some other websites banned in China. Before someone fished for a gotcha moment about it, yes it was wrong to ban TikTok in the US but you will notice the number of websites and services blocked in China is slightly higher. Also there are the countries in the West other than the US obviously. The CCP deliberately chose not to have a dynasty signalling a clear break from the past, rather than a baptism it was a crucifiction and the CCP hammered in the last nail in the Qing dynasty’s effective execution. How do you know that the CCP doesn’t want hegemony?

“Don’t forget which is the country with the older civilization” That is what the Qing dynasty thought too. Remember what happened to the Qing dynasty?(To ask you a question in your tone). I wouldn’t be so glibly keen to thread back on the footsteps that inevitably lead to China’s century of humiliation even at the hands of Japanese, another people the Chinese saw as inferior until recently. The Qing dynasty was an empire and by claiming to be the sucessor state of all the Qing Dynasty’s territory the CCP is admitting it is practicing imperialism in Tibet and Xiang just as the Soviet Union was in effect the continuation of the Russian Empire by other means. Speaking of Xiang and Tibet, it is disturbing how they have been turned into majority Han Chinese places effectively destroying the peoples of this land and putting an end to their history.

China is no longer ruled by dynasties and has been changed so much by western ideology in the form of communism and western science to the point where it’s major population centres have more in common with. If the CCP can claim a direct line of descendance from ancient China even though the CCP is based on a western ideology then the West can look back at the Romans, ancient Greeks and the Jews who have been there for a while and done some things. And let us not forget the role of the CCP in destroying actual Chinese culture during the cultural revolution and replacing it with western imported CCP ideology based on Mao’s study of Western philosophy rather than Chinese philosophy. Not even traditional Chinese characters could be spared from these western socialist ideas about equality ultimately coming from some Protestant groups in Germany and England. Most high ranking CCP officials are educated with the ideals of a western ideology. It not just western science and techonology that changed China but the ideas too sadly. And Mr Xi is a true believer in Mao’s western imported ideals.

The Koreans also have to thank the CCP for the northern half of their country being some of sick communist experiment. So long as the CCP keeps supporting that sick dictatorship it will be around. The CCP also sends back North Koreans who escape to China to North Korean authorities so they can be imprisoned and tortured in slave labour camps. The CCP is also supporting the failed state and dictatorship of socialist Venezuela. The CCP is also supporting the Cambodian Communist Party which is full of sick murders of the Khmer Rouge (the Communist Party of Kampuchea). The CCP was also in cahoots with Vietnamese Communist Party but then decided that Vietnam was a part of China’s territory and tried to invade it. The CCP was also cross that the Vietnamese had removed the insane communist murderers in Cambodia who had somehow managed to murder 2/3 Cambodians. I guess it was because Vietnam was interfering in Cambodian internal affairs so I guess it was okay. The CCP also approved of the ex-Soviet socialist dictatorship in Belarus recently after rigged elections. The CCP also tried to appoint Robert Mugabe, the notorious socialist dictator that turned Rhodesia, a nation of  that produced an excess of food to Zimbabwe, a nation of starvation, torture and hyperinflation. After Stalin murdered too many people and died the soviet Union tried to reform and the CCP cut all ties with the Soviet Union for not being communist enough! As you can see the CCP takes its communist credentials pretty seriously so we should probably do too instead of pretending the CCP is not communist and does not care about communist ideals but rather more about traditional Chinese ideology.

“Western Civillization and science and technology have led the world’s development but China’s reform and opening up has absorbed these”

I take it what you meant there is that China copied the west and abandoned traditional Chinese culture and values.

“When we are strong, we will naturally silence those who are arrogant.”

Your mask is slipping which is nice to see. If only CCP officials talked in such honest tones too. Have you ever heard of Horse Shoe Theory? It is the theory that when you go far right and far left enough the borders between them blur so it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. The CCP is an interesting case study of this phenomenon. For example if I had taken the statement I have quoted above by a very average CCP supporter and presented it to a member of say the Japanese far right and asked him if he found the sentiment in it agreeable I would suspect he would respond in the affirmative. “You’re not condescending?” I am left with no choice but to take that as an earnest request at this point.


“How do you know that the CCP doesn’t want hegemony? Because we’re not America”

Do the Americans get to live rent free in your head?

“Because what we need to do at this stage is to eradicate poverty, harmonize the industrial structure, develop the economy, protect and manage the environment and achieve sustainable development.”

How is any of this achieved by building military installations in the South China sea? To me it seems like the CCP wants to have the same thing that the Americans have in the gulf of Mexico, hegemony over the small states in the south China sea by taking away for themselves 90% of the South China Sea.

Also I don’t think building military installations over reefs is particularly good for the environment either.

” Seems like you got plenty of time and don’t have anything better to do.” Well, don’t we all? It takes two to tango. To be fair I have been working from home because of an unspecified virus from an unspecified country. If there is anyone you would like to thank for my presence here to respond to you then it would be Chinese government. “so you think all these so-called “pro-CCP” comments come from within mainland China? “ Not all but far from none. What makes me suspicious is all the broken English comments and lack of proper punctuation and capital letters like in comments like yours. It appears you have a lower opinion of Chinese immigrants than I do. Some comments look so bad it’s as if they have been machine translated. Most Chinese migrants I know have pretty good English skills whereas your skills are a notch above an Indian bot spamming “india is no.1” followed by the flag of Nigeria. Honestly at this point I am not sure whether those are Indian bots or Chinese bots trying to make Indians look even dumber. You never know how deep the rabbit hole goes with these people. It could be both. “Despite your laughable sense of superiority for being living in “western Europe”, what else are you good for?” If this is an attempt to fish for where I live specifically and who I work for then I decline to reveal such information online because of such creeps as yourself oozing ill intent from every pore of their skin. If you think I am exaggerating then let me refer you to the case of hololive entertainer Coco. Coco showed her youtube statistics on a live stream, her youtube statistics contained Taiwan as one of the top regions she got her views from. The reason for this obviously was because of all the mainlanders using Taiwanese proxies to watch her youtube streams which would otherwise be forbidden in China. The ever thin-skinned and easily offended mainladers complained to her employers who caved in because of fear they would be banned in China by the censorious Chinese authorities and Coco was suspended and lost tens of thousands of dollars. These rabid mainlanders on the internet who no doubt had so many better things to do in their lives unlike the likes of me then set aside their important work-life and took their time from their doubtlessly busy schedules to try and fail to get her banned on youtube by writing chat bots that would type comments in her first livestream with words to set off youtube moderation bots.

People vote with their feet which counts more than their words so it is important to look at migration patterns. Yes, the US is continually getting worse which is why so many people are leaving it. That doesn’t mean there are people from even worse places moving into the US which is partially why the US is getting worse. The Chinese government probably does care about its laws being broken and you certainly seemed sufficiently annoyed by me pointing it out for some reason. I just find it a bit ironic that pro-CCP Chinese people are breaking the laws laid down by the Chinese government in order to defend the rule of the Chinese government. You would think that if they thought so highly of CCP rule they would not dare to break its rules but apparently not so. I mean the Chinese government is spending considerable resources to put up the Great Firewall of China wouldn’t it be a shame if even those who are in favour of the government would circumvent its firewall making it a waste of resources? Ah I wish I were in India or somewhere warmer in the South this winter, it is freezing cold here in Europe but the flu from an unspecified location has made travel a bit harder these days. The funny thing since you brought up Indian nationalists is that they act in the same angered manner when you point that Europe is a better place than India in too many ways to mention. If you asked me, China is a far better place to live than India but so what? It’s not like India is such a good place to live in in the first place which is why I find it so amusing to watch Chinese and Indian nationalists go at each other about which of their overpopulated third world countries from where people keep moving from into the west is the best in the world. I bet that most of those Chinese and Indian nationalists would move to Europe or even the US if given a permanent visa and then keep on arguing online about how China or India is no.1 in the world and better than Japan or South Korea lol.

Imagine if Han Chinese were no longer the majority in China. I think that would be a pretty big deal for most Han Chinese people even if this was done peacefully. The terrorist attacks in Xinjiang happened precisely because there was no peaceful way for Uighurs to prevent a complete erasure of their culture by an ever increasing Han Chinese population in their ancestral lands. What the Europeans did to others by controlling their lands was terrible which is why the end of European empires is viewed as a good thing even in Europe. The reason that the people in Xiang rebelled is because they did not want to end up like the native Americans in the US. Every passing year they are becoming more and more of a minority in their own lands and the Chinese government does not want to do anything to stop this as a Han Chinese population majority is simpler to control for them. This is basically Imperialism. The Chinese government did not ask for the opinion of Tibetans or Uighurs about whether they wanted to be a minority in their own lands which is why this is wrong, indefensible and entirely one-sided basically the same as European imperialism except it is worse because it is irreversible as after they are a small enough minority they will be basically insignificant.

I guess a lot of Chinese people are ignorant about India if they think Indians view the British in such a positive light or that the Indian government pays any heed to what London wants. Were you talking about the Chinese landgrab in Kashmir then? Finally let us not pretend that the Qing dynasty was not an Empire and that the PRC as the successor state to its territories is practicing imperialism just as the Soviet Union was the continuation of the Russian Empire by other means. I am speaking of course about Tibet, Xiang and Inner Mongolia. The deliberate ethnic replacement of Tibetan and Uighur majorities in their respective territories with a Han majority is disturbing to say the least. Indians have made a pretty big mess of Kashmir too and turned it into a police stare. They should just let the Pakistanis have it given that’s what the people in Kashmir want and in exchange ask Pakistan for peace, abandoning any claims to any other Indian territories and mutual denuclearization. At least the Indians have not stooped to trying to replace the ethno-religious population of Kashmir by moving millions of Hindu Indians to Kashmir in order to alter the ethnic makeup of Kashmir.

To be fair it’s not like the ROC can stop claiming the mainland and be an independent nation. If it did so it would be invaded. The ROC can’t also just stop claiming the mainland without declaring independence because if it did so it would cease to exist. In the long term it seems inevitable that the ROC will end up like Hong Kong. The only hope for democracy in China is after mainland China has absorbed Taiwan if the mainland doesn’t feel threatened by outside forces and allows free elections with real opposition parties other than the CCP. I don’t have a lot of hope this would happen though. The future for liberty in China is bleak. Maybe if after Xi, a liberal dictator takes his place and reforms the CCP from the inside but now the CCP cannot allow for democracy or political liberty anywhere in China including Taiwan. The CCP felt threatened by the political liberties in Hong Kong because of a fear this could spark the request of similar political rights in other regions of China in the long term. Likewise the CCP cannot allow for a democratic country with a Chinese population like Taiwan to exist either. The wish for a united China is a means not an end in itself for the CCP. If ever the Chinese economy stops to grow the CCP is afraid people would look for the ROC for a different political system which allows for political parties other than the CCP to coexist and challenge the one-party rule.

2032 seems closer ten years than 20, then again you know how these GDP growth predictions are almost always too optimistic so maybe it is twenty years. Still $30K gdp per capita is not too bad. Mainland China is catching up $10K per capita but I think mainland China’s numbers are dragged down a lot by poorer inland western and north eastern regions. The mainland coastal region would be as rich if not richer than Taiwan if not for the constant supply of cheap labourers from the countryside which compete for low income work. Taiwan’s population is small and urbanised which means they do not have to worry about tens of millions of cheap labourers from the countryside pushing the wages in mainland Chinese cities down by doing work for lower wages than mainland city-people would. The Chinese government also moves a lot of money from the cities to the countryside. All those infrastructure projects in the west would not be possible without money from the eastern provinces. Then again this has the advantage of keeping people in the west there rather than moving to the east and pushing wages down. The costal regions probably trade more with the outside world than the west but still trade is rising so there is still hope that the inland western regions will stop dragging down the eastern coastal regions. The main problem is that there is no coast to the west to trade by sea and so the western regions are limited to trade with a bunch of poor and sparsely populated central Asian countries whereas the eastern regions have access to trade with the whole world. Taiwan is a small island on the other hand with quick access to the sea. I imagine the coastal cities of China would be much richer than Taiwan if they did not have to carry the whole weight of the huge Chinese countryside. At least the countryside is getting smaller with more people moving to eastern cities so there is that hope that it will become a lighter burden over the next decades.

“China is “blocking”, not banning.” Semantics. If it makes you happier shall we just split the difference and call it censorship? Then again given the number of mainladers breaking their laws by being here maybe you are on to something whether you realise it or not. Also what colour is the sky in my world, you ask? I would say it’s a pretty blue with some puffy clouds ahead right now then again maybe you could ask one of the millions of Chinese immigrants who would rather live here in western Europe rather than in China for some reason, maybe it’s the colour of the sky as you say, not like I would know.

Actually I was writing an essay for my website. Yikes I guess I have been found out. I like to think of the comments I reply to as writing prompts. Thank you for all those writing prompts. It’s been fun. Sorry if it wasn’t the same for you.

I like to to think of myself as a nerd so I will take that as a compliment if you don’t mind.

“digressing from the original topic”
Every point I made was in response to a point you made. If you don’t feel so then you have failed to show where I have digressed.
The WSJ and the NY Times are far too left-wing to accept any of my writings and I would not write for them even if offered due to ideological differences. Some of us write for pleasure more than to be read.
” trying to make yourself look “superior”… Well it only makes you look sad.”
Buddy, I am sorry if I made you feel inferior and sad but don’t act as if you did not talk down to me either. If you had not talked like a lower class drunk then I wouldn’t have been so harsh. You have offered me some advise so let me offer you some in return: Stop using quotation marks for single words your interlocutor did not say or for single words he did say but out of context, it looks silly, dare I say, taking a page from your book, it makes you look stupid and sad, like a person trying to do air quotes with their fingers all the time.
“Or go get a life” That’s my line. Don’t go stealing other people’s lines!

Good luck to you too. It sounds like you are gonna need it.

“And you are looking for “writing prompts” by trolling random YouTube videos? ”

I have not trolled you. I simply voiced my disagreement to your points. Okay maybe I was a bit sarcastic where it was warranted. Some people use random word generators as writing prompts and you have been slightly better than a random word generator.

“Does your “website” have as much traffic as your “YouTube channel”? “
It may be hard for you to understand but some people don’t measure themselves by their subscriber count or their view count. However there is a word for the sort of person who measures themselves by their viewcount, it starts with “attention-” and ends with the swear word for “women of low moral fibre” even though it applies to many so-called men too. I am not going to look at your youtube channel because it does not matter.
“I thought you spoke “perfect” English”
Again what’s with the pointless quotation marks around the word perfect. You do know you can make text *bold* even though it would still be cringey. I do not remember ever claiming that my English was perfect. Did I make you feel insecure enough to imagine I said that?
“how come you couldn’t even tell the difference between “advice” and “advise”? “
Alright I will admit I made a silly spelling mistake. I see you have suddenly started using capitalisation and sentences yourself. I thought you were fine without any of that. I wonder what changed your mind on that so suddenly.
“Gosh I thought you looked sad, but now you just look pathetic… “
Well, some of us are not keyboard warriors trying to look manly and masculine in the comment section of youtube. However given that we are on the topic you have sounded pretty low-T yourself today. Hopefully you are just having a bad day and this isn’t your usual self.
Given that you seem so concerned about my well-being to the point you keep on asking me about it let me put your fears and worries to an end and reassure you I am perfectly fine. To be honest though I personally don’t care whether you are sad or happy yourself. I am not being callous, if I were worried about the well-being of strangers on the internet like you appear to be about me, it would not be healthy.

-The above comments were made by me on youtube comment section on a video about China vs. Taiwan with a comment section full of Chinese nationalists of the kind of nationalism which turns thinking people into internationalists.

What are my predictions for China’s future? Unless the administration changes to a democracy or at least the sane medium of succession which doesn’t involve going after the previous administration as the current one did I see trouble as Mr. Xi steps down. Trouble which will coincide with the cheap industrial production in south east Asia notably Vietnam and perhaps even Africa while China will be an ageing society. The ultra-nationalism of the Chinese is a sign of weakness as a strong society can afford to have many self-critical voices. The economic games which China is playing with its economy with massive infrastructure spending abroad and in China will collapse leaving only consumer spending and the export market which means that the Chinese too will look to import millions of migrants to boost their economy.


This could be dangerous as there is no fake opposition the voters can vote for to stem the flow of migrants, most of China will reach the living standards enjoyed within Eastern Europe today with a few coastal cities with some control over their own affairs bucking the trend. I also predict a possible major military failure which may bring some sense into Chinese leadership or send off the deep end. This is usually what happens when wrong ideas meet their end on the battlefied.

Chinese leadership to their senses about angering all its neighbours one after the other and not having enough allies close by, allies who are actually useful rather than just dependent client states. The population and economy in the western and north eastern provinces of China will further deplete hollowing out the bufferzone to the west with just a few cities totally dependent on the east   existing just for the sake of national security just as in eastern Russia today. The national reserves of foreign currency will deplete until they are almost empty and then hopefully the crisis will result in more fiscal responsibility. A lot of the geopolitical investments China has made abroad will fail to bring in any economic gain as countries

Despite my disgust, lack of faith in and criticism of western democracies these exchanges with Chinese nationalists highlighted to me that when the chips are down I am still on the side of western liberalism despite my dalliances with the far right.

The Absolute State of The Islamic World

People died a lot earlier so they married earlier – so long as Muslims understand this and are against adults marrying children now in the modern age I don’t see a problem. In remote places like Afghanistan and in some remote places in Pakistan and the arab world pedophilia is still a widespread problem but most muslims in large cities like Cairo, Alexandria or Instanbul or Jakarta are not okay with old men marrying little girls of 6 years old and sexually molesting them at 9.

Mohammad did kill a lot of innocent people though and he wasn’t always merciful or fair to those who he defeated which is reflected in the bad attitude of muslims towards non-muslims in majority muslim places like Pakistan, it is still pretty bad for non-muslims sadly there is no sign of this changing. In a lot of majority muslim nations people are not even free to try to convert others to be non-muslims and there is a lot of censorship and state and mob violence towards those who seek to exercise their right to free speech by criticising and making fun of Islam. For example in Bangladesh, a relatively civilised country many bloggers have been killed by violent thugs who while not supported by the Bangladeshi government enjoy popularity Shia muslims and sunni muslims can be very violent to each other to the point where it may even cause a nuclear war in the middle east.

Even without the nuclear weapons so many thousands of people have died in Yemen and the Americans failed to turn Iraq into a decent country because the Sunnis and the Shias hate each other too much – the rise of isis in iraq was mostly due to Sunni muslims who felt that the Americans had simply subjected them to majority Shia rule. The Kurds are also another issue of course – the Persians, Turks and Arabs all don’t want the Kurds to have their nation so I am not saying it was all Shia vs Sunni which caused the failure of Iraq post-Sadam despite the trillions that were sank into trying to make Iraq into a free and fair society but Sunni and Shia hatred towards each other is grave danger at the heart of the Islamic world.

Other Islamic regions in South East Asia do not suffer from this issue as much as they are just majority sunni but the violent nonsense by Arab islamic scholars and clerics filters down to other areas of the Islamic world so this spreads the problem even farther beyond. Also the huge and ever-growing presence of muslims in the Indian sub-continent has been the cause endless conflict signalling to the west that co-existance with a large muslim population is going to be hard. Also the conflict further radicalised mostly Pakistani scholars into saying the most evil and violent things which then filter into muslims in the secular Indian republic and to Bangladesh too sadly.

Then there is Afghanistan and Israel which have been the cause of endless hatred by Islamic clerics towards non-muslims convincing them to concentrate on the worst parts of Islamic scripture calling for death to apostates and second class status to non-muslim minorities and lying to non-muslims in order to appear good until muslim majority has been estabilished not by conversion but by turning muslim women and men into brainless cattle who have children not because they love their children but literally to breed like rats as infestation.

Cancerous islamic leaders like Saddam Hussein also added fuel to the fire by saying things like that seeing all those women wearing headscarves in the west Islam will take over the west. I don’t mean to imply here that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist, in fact it has the right to exist over all other arab muslim nations because for the time being it is the only free and democratic republic in the region – though this may change with Israel’s own welfare class of brainless orthodox jews who breed like rats and are threatening to destroy that prosperous, democratic republic.

Afghanistan proved that the west could not really create a prosperous, democratic society out of an Islamic one which further confirmed the suspicions of Islamic clerics that the west was only there to destroy an Islamic society without any ability to create a functional society with a muslim population as the west claimed it was there for.

Muslims also tend to have a lot more children than non-muslims when they move to non-muslim nations so this also causes problems as this has a tendency of destroying all the civil liberties that people used to enjoy in these places because the higher birthrate means that muslim children will grow among a majority of muslim children rather than non-muslim children which means that these muslim children will most likely never learn about the value of liberties they have been born with but will come to hate these by seeing the non-muslim working-class as degenerate and grow in envy and hatred of the non-muslim middle-class society they will feel excluded from because they grew up among other muslims and racial minorities. This is the reason why the children of muslim immigrants tend to be more hateful of their non-muslim society than their parents and also the reason why it doesn’t matter how much the non-muslim middle-class kowtows to the children of muslim immigrants, the non-muslim middle class will still be hated by the muslim migrant’s children.
The muslim birthrate is going down fortunately but not fast enough to reach the non-muslim birth rates in the foreseable future. My guess would be that it will take around a century for the muslim birthrate to reduce to western levels which means there will be conflict when muslims move to majority non-muslim areas for at least a hundred years then things will sort themselves out as their will either be a muslim majority or the muslim population will cease to grow uncontrollably and so cease to be a risk of destroying all civil liberties and instead be just another group with a more or less constant or declining population.
Finally I would like to add that it doesn’t matter what actual Islamic scripture says – in the long term what matters is what Islamic scholars say that the scriptures say because most muslims don’t read and don’t understand scripture they just listen to what the scholars say about the scriptures. This is the same in every religion. The old testament says not to mix different kinds of clothing material but no one cares about that because that is not what the scholars say. What the scholars says eventually trickles down to the priestly caste which then preaches to the masses. That is how this works. The problem is that there are too many popular violent clerics and islamic scholars and not enough sane ones. This is made worse by the Shia vs Sunni wars and the recent failure of western interventions in Libya to create a funtional secular nation in the Islamic world. Even the Turkish government is going back on its westernisation attempts since Attaturk who created Turkey out of the total failure of Islamic leaders in the Ottoman empire, well the current Turkish leader wants to go back to emulate those failures and also build a lot of shopping malls as a replacement for a responsible fiscal policy just like all other failed islamic states. Insane groups like the Muslim Brotherhood were even voted into power in Egypt and the military in Egypt is the only thing preventing Egypt from degenerating into a Wahabi hellhole minus even the oil money. Similarly in Syria it was only a brutal dictator who could prevent the people from degenerating into savage, medieval religious murders mostly by Sunni fanatics against all non-muslim groups and Shias too. There is virtually no Christian population left in Syria – there is no point blaming a few foregin fighters the local population let this happen too.
I have heard some nice things from Tunisia but if there is any hope for Islam it is in the South East Asia region in countries like Malaysia which although majority muslim have not degenerated into torture and murder and mass persecution of non-muslims and ex-muslim atheists and there is hope that some criticism of Islam may be allowed to and even if not it is less likely to see disgusting behaviour such as the murder of journalists and cartoonists in France and Bangladesh. There is even a lot of freedom for non-muslim religions to exercise their right to free speech and try and convert muslims to their faith as they should be allowed to in any free society. The birth rates are still dangerously high but they are dropping at least so an economic crisis of overpopulation and lack of resources will be avoided even though it will be tight in that region. I have heard some bad things about how the Indonesian government is basically overspending itself into a deep hole of debt. The first step towards the secularisation of the islamic world is for some islamic countries to finally get a grasp of fiscal prudence (without counting free oil money) and therefore stability. The reason that islamic scholars and therefore islamic society is so extreme is because people are more likely to believe in God in times of economic chaos. The economies of Europe and America are a mess but they seem okay when you look at the absolute state of Islamic economies which a re either totally dependent on one commodity -oil or totally in debt or increasingly both – no wonder Islamic clerics are so insane when they live in societies with such a light grasp on the material world and so with such bad economics.
Finally as for Iran itself excluding its foreign nonsense, it is a world in itself, a civilisation older and greater than Islam so it is a lot more complicated but more than any other Islamic nation you get the feeling that Iran or to call it by its more poetic name, Persia could be and should be a lot better certainly more than its camel riding Arab counterparts that needed westerners to literally come pump oil of their land for them and the nomadic Turks living in the land formerly belonging to the Romans and thus not belonging in the middle east nor in Europe either, but the Persians have been there for a long time, longer than them all. Even when it comes to the backwards plagiarism of primitive Jewish tribes plagiarised by an illiterate Arab merchant they have a different variant than the newcomers around them but the feeling that things could have been better had the Americans not heeded the complaining of the British Labour government about not being able to engage in imperialistic broad-day-light robbery in Iran to engage in broad-day-light robbery in the form of socialism in Britain, had the Shah just not being so authoritarian and let Iranian peasants in the countryside live as they pleased. Something similar happened in Turkey but the Turks did not rebel and remained Islamic despite a secular, European, civilised exterior tough shell which took 70 years to crack but the Shah was not as great a man as Attaturk, no the Shah was just born into his status but still despite everything there is still a genuine secular society in some places in Iran which leaves that feeling that this could have been it, the one majority muslim nation to finally become a civilised country.

Lolberterian Freetardism: Antitrust is Cancer so Copyright is Cancer.

Antitrust is cancer but copyright is even more cancerous – antitrust laws exist because copyright and “intellectual” rights exist – cancer begets cancer. Chrom(ium) is open source so it is fine. Google should be forced to open source all of its other products though. Open source software is the most competitive. All games must be forced to be open sourced too.
“Intellectual” rights are a perversion of property rights because it if you can’t do anything you want with something you have bought including selling copies of it and modifying it then you don’t really own it, you are just renting it. Repeat this process with every product from your computer to your phone to your car and soon enough you will not have a property owning class left in any meaningful sense but just a class of rentiers who own property just in name but cannot do and do not even know how to do anything with what they own other than what the real owners of property, the owners of the “intellectual” property have allowed them to do.
The rapid rise of China’s economy has in large part being because of the high competition of a market in which “intellectual” rights mean very little. Similarly the rapid fall in the creative output of the west has been due intellectual property hoarders like Disney who have squandered properties such as Star Wars and given that they are the intellectual property hoarders/holders of Star Wars this means that no one can create good a Star Wars film anymore – if anyone could create Star Wars films then there would be more competition and with more competition better Star Wars films – repeat this intellectual property hoarding for every good product and you have a reduction in competition and in quality of all products across all sectors in the West except one –  free and open source software.
Even despite the cancer which is Soysystemd it is undeniable that most of the best software has been clustered in the open source sector precisely because it is easily possible to fork and therefore to actually own the software that you use. Similarly the most creative output has been out of the Japanese manga and anime industries, not because there is anything superior about the Japanese (there is not) but because of the culture of copying and piracy overwhelmingly present in the Japanese manga and anime industries despite the squirming and squealing of Japanese anime and manga intellectual property holders/hoarders and their shills. Only when the danger of others copying there products will the original creators bother to improve their products and only by copying the creators/creations they admire can new people enter any industry, remove the ability to copy, distribute and modify a product and you remove the fire under the original creators making them passive moreover creating zombie-like passive “consumers” rather than property owners who own their software, art etc.. and can create their own.
Just look at the cancerous culture of closed-source software such as microsoft office, iOS and adobe with all the hallmarks of hollow conspicuous consumption and brain-dead “consumers” who have no idea whatsoever about how their software runs or how to modify it but instead have turned into rentiers for the centralised “cloud offerings” of property horders like Micro$haft, Apple (spit) and Adobe (lol). Now picture the same rentier class model spreading into every other sector of our lives. That is the future unless we stop it – and the only way forward other than forcefully and violently turning back the clock of history, the only way to be a good lolbertarian, is to go full freetard.

Plan of Action

Short-term plans:

  1.  Post all of my old good YouTube comments over here before Google’s hard at work censors delete them all. I have lost so many comments I put a lot of effort into and the evil thing is that they won’t even tell me that they are deleting them. No instead they show me fake message that my message has been posted but when I reload the page my comment and all the work I put into it is gone. Rather than dumping them all here in one go I will post them here little by little giving me time to reflect on each of them I guess.
  2. Restart the Aoi Hinami Cruel Task-Master Simulator project.
  3. Post my Genesis LPMud videos on Bitchute, LBRY and Luke’s peertube.
  4. Create a weekly backup of my WordPress blog locally and on gitgud.
  5. Post code for VN on gitgud.
  6. Start Makise Kurisu Cute-Assistant Simulator.

Long-term plans:

  1. Open source vocaloid style voice synthesisizer for the VN’s voice acting.
  2. An open source anime-style VRMMORPG based on True World Online.
  3. Create artwork for my Genesis LPMud let’s plays. Portraits of interesting artifacts, important characters, and pivotal events. Anything that will have a big effect on the narrative should get some art. Video is made for visuals, so I should go heavy on the original art. To motivate myself to be bothered maybe I should draw anime-style art.

Why Season 2 of Re:Zero Sucks

Subaru and the girls around him are also all insufferable except maybe the blue topped vegetable.

The sactuary sucks as a setting for too many reasons to mention but let’s start with the fact that Subaru can just leave the place and the trials are all stupid, the mass production pink haired 300 year old lolis are stupid.

Emilia is an unlikeable plank of wood.

The motivations of the witch are stupid. Subaru is cringe in the flesh without any single charming point, a whinging plot device.

I think I have aquired a hatred of track suits and the Subaru car brand at this point.

The resolution was not clever. The average Detective Conan episode has more thought put into it.

Every answer was just handed to Subaru, all he did was run around and beg characters for answers, Subaru did not figure out a single damned thing himself so it felt so unearned and cringe when he acts as if he had done anything other than floundering around, crying and dying until the answer was given to him by other characters vomiting exposition interspersed with low IQ interventions by Subaru.

Creating Characters by Breaking My Otaku Personality Apart

I have been trying and failing to create new characters for the True World Online VN,WN, MUD project that I am working on but I am stuck with word-building without characters and so without any real conflict. It’s like I am trying to imagine the Otaku utopia where technology has everyone happy but then there is nothing left to work towards so I can’t reverse engineer some characters from the setting that easily. This approach will hopefully also help me write a protagonist who is not basically me in every way. Basically I need a list of one-note characters to get things going. I still have no clue about what the conflict should be but one thing at a time.

The first sub-personality I can think of is that of the incel, libertine,  sexless perverted pornography addict and comfort seeker.


Self-loathing Ceylonese Anglophile with Scottish and Ceylonese landed gentry ancestry and a family with some background in the air force.

Japanophile anime fan who wants to watch every anime under the sun and know more about it just hoping that some of the magic, adventure and romanticism would rub off on him.

Objectivist rational egoist Libertarian, Conservative politics and economics obsessive pundit with some German idealism

MGTOW anti-feminist

Fake normalfag wannabe

Ex-Catholic atheist partial sometimes to Christian ethics.

Fourthly the minimalist software and computer configuring addict. Open source fanatic.

The Academy Will Win The Culture War

In the longterm the popular press does not matter, elections do not matter, the law does not matter, We the People certainly do not matter, the millitary does not matter, the secret police does not matter, art does not matter, the individual and his family have proven not to matter either. The only thing that matters is the academy, everything flows down from there.

Voting is only good for buying time by stalling the left but buying time for what? I don’t think there is any chance of democratically changing what the left has done because of demographics. The best chance we have is to emulate the left and create prestigious institutions of learning such as the Frankfurt school. All that matters is having the academy on your side because they are the filter to the cathedral and there will always be a cathedral. The bottom line is don’t have faith in the proles, they will disappoint you and don’t have faith in the elites popular among the proles either because then you are just following the easily led proles.

Not until we have created institutions to intellectually challenge the likes of Harward, MIT and Oxford at every field will we have the prestige to have a seat at the table of the cathedral.

People both from the elite and the proles must want to send their brightest children to our higher learning institutions over those of the left. Nothing else matters.

Chapter 1: It was a bright cold day in april

It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen in True World Online the most popular virtual reality game in the Intergalactic British Empire in the year of our Lord 2776. Isao Burton lived in Sendai, on the Island of Japan which had been incorporated into the IBE in 1666, not that Isao or most around him cared about any of this. 

True World Online, by far the most popular Virtual Reality Lars Pensjö Multi User Dungeon or VRLPMud for short opened its gates to users all the way back in 1989 AD in Sweden and had nearly died until it was updated in the mid 2500s by the Second Chalmers Datorförening, a small team  of Otaku in the Royal Borough of Texas to be a fully immersive virtual reality game. TWO could still be played via telnet by typing commands into a terminal emulator and a few determined old fashioned players played it this way.

TWO was divided into three domains – Akiba in the middle flanked by the Third Triumvirate of Luk across the river Serchio and on the East the Gothenburgh mountain range across which the Deep Lore Unpopular Academy

The Virtual General Headquarters, vGHQ  of the RBT(Royal Borough of Texas)-based World of Forms Ltd were in Akiba, at the Radio Kaikan building. The building was much larger than it looked from the outside.

A smiling picture of the Eternal God-Queen  Mecha-Elizabeth ver. II.LXXXV.MMMMCLXXXIII.CXXI (Official Build) (128-bit) hanged in the wall of Isao’s Virtual bedroom.