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There were seven different clubs at Perthshire and Kinross College. The least impressive and oldest of them being the SOS Brigade. No one knew what the initials "SOS" stood for anymore that and all other initial details lost. It was the club that you got thrown into if you didn't know which club to join or if no club accepted you or alternatively in my case if a club I wanted to be part of did not accept me.

Kenji-kun: Men are human doings and women are human beings. Mirai:san: Or you could say that women are human beings and men are human doings. Kenji-kun: No, that would slightly but completely alter the meaning of my point. I am not implying as you are implying that I am implying that men too ought too treated as human beings but rather that women ought to be treated as human doings as well. At any rate my initial point stands, men are more objectified than women by being reduced to a mere means to something else in the eyes of women, in this case let us say financial security and I submit to you that women instead are more likely to be treated as having an inherent value. Mirai-san: Doesn't your argument actually point in the opposite direction - that whereas men can show who they are through their actions women are instead put into a box and objectivised? Kenji-kun: No you are wrong because the many things that men can do are essentially the same thing, or rather I should say are expected to result in the same thing, female approval - which in general requires power and in practice generally means wealth, whatever a man chooses to do he is not free, he is limited in his scope to whatever activities lead to power and wealth - that is if he hopes to get a mate. A simplistic view which recasts women's priviledged position as "a box" and men's relative lack of priviledges in the west which leads him to seek and pursue any path, however he may dislike it or not, to power, is an untenable position or it is tenable as long as one is willing to always be wrong. Mirai-san: Do you not think it is unfair to paint the character of such a large group as women with such a bad will? Kenji-kun:You say that but actually it is you who is treating all women as a single individual. Let me explain how. Your inability to understand that a criticism of the behaviour of a group is not a criticism of a single individual of that group. Just because you are part of a group that does not mean you will be exactly the average person of that group in every characteristic. There are no essential characteristics. It is a matter of resemblance, family resemblance, which places you in that group. Mirai-san: But if your criticism cannot be applied to any individual then what is it's use? Kenji-kun: When did I ever say that it cannot be applied to any individual? Mirai-san: Well, if there are no essential characteristics to be a part of a group, and it is a matter of resembling a group enough to be considered part of it then you cannot judge any individual based on their group? Kenji-kun: You and I both know that that is rubbish! You can compare an individual compared to the average type of that group and that is exactly judgement through group membership means! That is what group membership even means! Mirai-san: Yes, but doesn't it get a bit dicey when we are talking about group membership not out of choice? Kenji-kun: Don't introduce any humanitarianism into this debate at this point. It will only muddy the waters by perverting your judgement by shifting your attention to the practical political repercusions of your conclusions or in other words you will be stuck in a dreamland that will guide you away from the truth. Mirai-san: What's wrong with that? Kenji-Kun: In the short term nothing but in the long term anything which depends on lies is begging to have even it's worthy aspects being pulled down and rejected on the basis of those lies which may or may not have anything to do with those virtues being lumped together with those lies and rejected in the same breath. Mirai-san: Are you referring to the Greeks and the Christians? Kenji-kun: Yes and No. Mirai-san: How edgy of you. Kenji-kun: Thank you. Mirai-san: I am not sure whether I meant it as an insult but you are welcome. What you said about humanitariasm may be true but isn't this whole line of answering of yours underligned by a humanitarian concern about men, or perhaps I should say a subsection of men, the lower class? Kenji-kun: What you are saying seems right but it feels so wrong. I may need sometime find an answer to that uneasy feeling. Mirai-san: Couldn't it just be that you feeling that you are right even if there is no reason to just because you don't want to be proven wrong and were about to? Kernji-kun: It could be but I don't think that it is the case. Mirai-san: Why do think that? Kenji-kun: Because sometimes the instinct for disgust can find the cause of sickness faster than the rational faculties. Mirai-san: So you think that my argument is a sickness? Kenji-kun: Yes, I do. Mirai-san: Why is that? Kenji-kun:Hmmm let me go over your argument aloud and see if I can figure it out. Otherwise I will look a rather idiotic detective who after gathering all the suspects just tells them all what they already know but when it comes to pointing at the actual culprit he would smugly raise his idex finger as if to point at the culptrit and then will answer everyone's expectations by saying that he doesn't know who did it. Mirai-san: Am I the suspect? Kenji-kun: No your argument is. Mirai-san: Very droll. Kenji-kun: I said something the conclusion of which would blow some dynamite under your political convictions and ideals. In turn after being unable to question the process by which that conclusion was reached you instead attempted to bring in the social consequences of the conclusion and when I tried to shut that avenue for pressure to drect the pressure back to the point at hand you pointed out that the motivations for my attack were not detached but rather relied on a moral instict, on a political instinct. Am I right in summarizing our argument? Mirai-san: More of less. Kenji-kun: Then I want you to imagine that looking for the truth is like drilling oil. No don't autistically obsess over whether this is a perfect allegory I am only trying to illustrate a point to better understand it. Pretend that judging events in a manner favourable to our political conclusions is the equivalent of drilling up whereas aiming for the truth of the matter is drilling down - of course hoping that there is anything down -which there may not perhaps even then something will be learned for when drilling for the truth next time but perhaps not. Are you following me? Mirai-san: Yes. I think I know where you are going with this but do go on I might be wrong. Kenji-kun: Even though I may have started by drilling up that doesn't mean that by concentrating, by continuosly writing myself into a corner of hard worthless rock I have I believe at least started drilling sideways rather than up- Mirai-san: Are you saying that I am trying to edge the angle up? Kenji-kun: In so many words yes. I do not think that it is possible to go for anyting resembling the truth without any conscious interest. In fact I find those who claim to have no interest to suffer from an undue sense of intellectual superiority and often self-rightousness. Nevertheless wherever one starts on the political spectrum of autism I think it is possible to reach some intelligent conclusions which while not true in themeselves can match those of other ideas like bits of DNA in different organisms. Mirai-san: And what to do with these bits of DNA of ideas? Go back to its roots? Kenji-kun: That is one way. Another would be to see where it leads though that is even harder.


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