Friday, January 17, 2020

Back to skipping school hurrah!

Yeah so through a combination of being late, needing to go to the toilet and not having done the stupid homework now I am hiding in the IT suite writing this blog post. Now I have won myself a three day break (today is Fri) but I will need to go to the hanger on Monday and on Sun and Sat I will waste my morning working at the shop. I will probably spend the free time in between customers to scribble something on my notebook for this blog. I bought a two pound headphone from the college union. I just hope it lasts more than the one poundland ones which stop working in less than a week. I must have spent more on headsets than on my computers and phone at this point. I wonder if the new apple earpod thingies are more durable. I wouldn't mind charging them if meant not having to buy new headphones every few weeks or months.

There are other people here so I can't watch anime but I can listen to youtube videos, read web novels and maybe sneakily read mangadex on the tor browser. The new RoyalRoad logo sucks. Same for the Royal Road favicon.

After the hard reset I did on my android it hasn't randomly turned off by itself. I am going to try to play Azure Lane so I am installing it now. I also want to try out the old school runescape mobile app. I downloaded the firefox preview app which is going to be the new firefox app once the current firefox for android one gets retired. It was okay but it doesn't support ublock origin or any other add-ons yet so I should uninstall it. After I installed Azure Lane I tried playing the game but then it said it needed to download 400mb more - maybe another day. Also why can't these downloads just be meted out of the play store which is way more reliable for large files.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Down the blogger hole

I spent most of my free time today making this blog accessible to mobile phone peasants. I think I have done an okay job. I did a hard reset on my DOOGE X5 Max Pro something Chinese android phone and it has not turned off by itself yet. I need to find a way to block youtube ads on the youtube app because the Newpippe open source alternative is just slower than the normal youtube app.

I watched an episode of Ashita no Joe but it was just a recap so now I am not in the mood to watch that much more. Also it is 8:30pm and I need to write this and a boring homework essay by ten pm.

We watched an aircrash investigations video today about the Corcorde which crashed because of all the crap on the runway and bad tire design.

Ublock Origin didn't work on . People are gloating in the ghaks comments section because Firefox fired 70 employees probably to avoid being hit by retarded Commiefornia employment laws but also because their cloud services which nobody wants didn't make enough money. As one ghaks commenter suggested perhaps if Firefox was out of the picture then that would free up resources for a browser which is privacy friendly and caters to power users.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Violations of Terms of Service, Back To Blogger

I haven't got much trust left in the law as a means of justice except in a few straightforward cases like murder and r@pe. The reason for this is because of the vulture like culture of interest groups powered by fanatic acolytes and cold blooded lawyers which has grown around of our legal institutions. Specifically what I object to is the special pleading for the use of force when it comes to steal for certain groups.

Flybe, a British regional carrier which transports people from poor and isolated areas has been saved from the clutches of the dogmatic "environmental authorities" who intend to kill everything that is good, great or pleasurable on the altar of inanimate plants and dumb animals. It is always the poor and the disadvantaged who are most disadvantaged most by "environmental" legislation. Take the five pence price on plastic bags in the UK. Who pays the most through high electricity and fuel prices from the fanatical opposition to fracking in the UK? The poor.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Back to School

There was a cute girl in her early twenties or late teens (I suck at telling people's ages) at the bus stop this morning . She wore Nike shoes with short socks so her ankle were visible. There was a tattoo on the inner side of her pale ankle. She also had a small yellow carrier bag and slightly wavy light brown hair. Now I am not sure whether most would consider her to be pretty. For one she had not the large mammary glands with a force of gravity which attract the eyes of men.

I like fair skin especially on women. It is not a race thing. It may be a class thing but to me it is certainly a sexual thing or in other words it is beyond reason, good, and evil.

I want to be popular. Especially with the opposite sex. I don't want that girl to be disgusted as she would have been had I told her half of what I have told you .

I whizzed through a bunch of old wordpress themes and they looked infinitely better than most modern wordpress themes which are charmless out of the box.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Day Six of Truancy

I am hiding somewhere in the college like the criminal who has his hideout next to the police station - the least expected area. The time is 10:22am. There is a class going on here I hope they don't realize I am not supposed to be here. I am too old for this nonsense.

I felt like I had a whole lot to write about but now my head is empty. I don't have an headset so I can't watch anime. My nose is constantly blocked so now I have asthma after breathing from my mouth during the night. I hope that I look like I am doing some work as I write this. I just hope the college doesn't call my parents cause that is going to cause a lot of dorama.

I have stopped using the pentadactyl browser add-on because it makes my browser unusable on some sites. Also I can't figure out how to keep the default browser interface on a portable version of the pale moon browser. I have also stopped using habitica because it doesn't work with the pale moon browser. I guess this is the limit of a browser engine developed by just some guy. I found some userscripts which give me basic vim-like keybindings.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Morning at the Shop

The first few episodes of Ashita no Joe are interesting but I fear that once it gets into its groove it will get repetitive and boring, I remember watching the fight scenes as a kid scattered through many episodes all leaving the same impression. The animation is not bad for an old show something that I can't say for Mobile Suite Gundam or the original Battle Ship Yamato.

The other anime I watched at the same time is called Ore wo suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo which I think means "Are you the only one in love with me?" It looks like a light novel high school comedy romance based on a light novel but I don't whether it is actually based on a light novel or not.

The protagonists are both self-inserts but the latter tries to be closer to the reality of the audience whereas the ashita no joe goes for a victimised main character who is incredibly talented. Ashita feels a lot more like an old western film whereas Ore wo Suki is clearly in 100% anime otaku territory, The reason that the protagonist of ashita no joe is a self-insert is because of his age and gender: shounen.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday at the shop

Blogging is kind of dead to me because of youtube but recording videos is so much work so here I am.

There is so much anime that I could be watching that I can't start watching anything. It is easier to read manga or web/light novels because then I am more in control of the pacing of the story.

I can waste tens of hours listening to a youtuber talk. I have already watched a one and half hour long analysis video of Buffy the vampire slayer. When I watch anime I feel a dreadful sense that I am wasting my time that I should look for an anime which is a masterpiece.

It's a windy dark January and I am working in small shop wondering how boring and unglamorous and asexual my life is. There is a small electric heater fan keeping my feet warm.

In north korea women are able make more money than men through the informal economy, This is because men are drafted to the military slave labour more often. I wonder if this higher income for women has helped the regime stay in power.